How to get Night Vision Goggles

Hello, RPF!

Today I’m going to show you, how to get the night vision goggles from our uniform.

 (You must be an EPF agent in order to get the goggles. If you’re not an EPF agent click here to know how to become one )

You have access to your spy phone. Click on it.

Now old client will do the same steps starting from now to get there night vision goggles:-

Click on “Gear”, and select “Stealth”, after that you now have access to spy clothing you can buy the night vision goggles which costs 10’medals

How to get “Medals”?- you can get medals by doing old PSA missions which are available at the EPF command room,

or by either doing missions which can be accessed from your spy phone. (Missions aren’t always available)

Good luck, Rebels!



Yep, definitely the sky. ~Cosmic Knight.


  1. YA YEEET GREAT POST!! YOU GO, COS-GO!! *waves around pom poms*

  2. There’s actually a different, much easier way on Old Client. You just go to the Phone box, you don’t even go through the test!

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