Today’s event pushed me to make the final decision.

We can do so much better, greater things. We are the family that can’t be stopped. This has been proven already – we are almost 11 years strong and will hopefully keep going for a very long time. But the best part about our family is that it grows. I’ve seen us go from nothing to everything within days just because of the hard work people are able to put in. But recently, we’ve been bottlenecked. And after much consideration, it has been decided we must move on from Club Penguin Universe.

 Before we moved to CPU, we were never confident with what would happen. We went in blindly after CPR’s shutdown. We did get good results, and for some time, everything seemed just fine. Originally, I had decided against our other CPPS option due to other underlying concerns, because I thought their flaws outweighed the benefits.

However, I was wrong. After many months CPU has begun to die and lose its player base, while the other one has not. RPF thrives on a community and a player base, and without one we have nearly no point in existing (except our own). We thank CPU for continually supporting us, and making sure we wouldn’t be abused like we were under CPR’s administration. Their staff was, and is, outstanding, but we can’t keep playing in a ghost town. For those wondering about CPR: they still haven’t addressed our post or concerns, so we will remain unaffiliated with them. It’s time to move on.

RPF’s new official private server is…

Club Penguin Online

Why CPO? They have had a very active playerbase for a long time. Consistency is what RPF works well with, it has been proven in the past. The staff are willing to be accepting with armies, which means we don’t have to worry about being abused over and over again. Another big thing is, if you registered on CPR prior to January 24th 2018, then you can get your account transferred onto Club Penguin Online. So what’s the difference between CPO and CPR? CPO doesn’t have an abusive staff, and it already has been proven to be stable.

I hope you all consider the points I’ve made and agree with our decision. Nothing about this was easy, because we are very thankful to CPU for their acceptance toward RPF. But the truth is, we would have to be idiots to move to CPR at this point, and we would have to be ignorant to stay on CPU. 

 Popsicle edit: This was not an easy decision, but it was one that had to be made in the best interest of RPF. Club Penguin Online has proven to have a stable playerbase and a steady influx of new players, something that CPU lacks at this point. I’ll always be thankful towards the CPU staff, past and present, for welcoming us with open arms and giving us a home for these past couple of months. With that being said, it’s time for RPF to move on so that we can truly be the best that we can be. RPF needs stability and growth, and CPO can provide that for us. It’s time for us to get back to doing what we do best: recruiting, growing, and dominating. Fight the good fight.

-Left RPF Commander


  1. So i know about the account transfer about CPR to CPO isnt that a bit fishy? then again i could probably use it for the uniform, but who should i talk about it?


  3. I am welcome to the change.. Good job Pop and Left for saving us once again

  4. And here is that time to quit.
    CPO is known to have a biased and extremly abusive owner.

  5. CPO welcomes Club penguin RPF!

  6. CPO is FAR better than CPU, well done.

  7. Do you know if I have to use the cpr username for transfer or can I keep using my new penguin

  8. So we moved to CPO?

  9. I hope I can try see if I can go cpo there 95% chance I be ban because blocked

  10. It’s ok to me! It’s better than CPU anyway because CPU is a dead CPPS ever since the reopening of CPR. I’m a beta in CPO and I can assure to you It’s an awesome CPPS with very friendly community and moderators.

  11. Great decision made by great leadership

  12. i respect your decision rpf i dont mind you guys moving on, thats great you guys do whats best i will respect that but unfortantly i wont be moving on with you guys. i like cpu and i think its the best choice for rpf but yes its hard to be an army and recruit people on a cpps that doesnt get much players on an everyday basis. thats why i respect the decision i am not one to judge but i just wont be joining you guys on cpo thats my decision it was tough but thats what i decided. goodbye rpf and ftgf!


  14. But….
    But I am about to become a moderator in CPOnline…

  15. Yes!!! I wanted this from the start, but I always want to stay with this army, therefore I move and respect anywhere you go. I have noticed CPU dying, and was almost waiting for this post. CPO has a very friendly community, their discord seems good, and you can play the old version or new with people playing a different version than you. It really makes sure that the RPF can stay as a big family, and all can be in the same place at the same time. Go CPO XD

  16. I saw this happenening back in March, I was talking about how cpu is going to die within a month and I said that on March 28th, it’s good news though we are moving because we need to keep this army alive, #FTGF

    – Babychamp

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