IMPORTANT UPDATE: Which CPPS is RPF moving to?


Due to CPR’s closure, we have been forced to move to another private server to continue our operations. Before I say where we’re going, understand many other CPPS owners contacted us about RPF joining their private server, but we chose the best CPPS for RPF and the overall community, because RPF is a massive part of the CP community, and we only want the best for the players.

So, where is RPF moving to?

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Club Penguin Universe

(click HERE for their website)

CPU has many benefits and after reviewing it very carefully, we believe that it is the best choice. It will look, and function just like Club Penguin Rewritten, but with different staff – Their admins are very supportive of the RPF and we’ve talked to them very extensively. They will be happy about our decision.

CPO was an option on our list of private servers, however after looking into it and reviewing the information we have about them, we unfortunately cannot confirm their safety. The RPF high command is also not a fan of the fact that they announce their mascot locations, spoiling the fun and excitement of tracking and meeting a mascot yourself.

Our Mascot Tracker, Youtube Channel, and our cheats and tutorials will be focused on Club Penguin Universe.

I hope you are all as happy with this decision as I am, RPF CAN ONLY RISE FROM HERE! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!


  1. Aw. Well, FTGF. And continue.


  3. Well im very suportive, although i wont move to CPU cause i love CPO.

  4. called it tbh lol, cpu is great!

  5. Here’s to another part of RPF and CPGames2010.

    Fight the good fight!

  6. I’m really looking forward to CPU so I’m happy we’re moving to it 🙂

  7. AlyIsTrashAtArt

    So, we will join tomorrow? because when I go to the website it says that the beta start is the 9th. Just wondering if something is diffrent

  8. Wonderful to see RPFs new journey beginning soon. Lets go kick some butt on CPU

  9. I’d prefer CPO honestly but I will give it a shot

  10. And we decided on an unreleased CPPS?

  11. I hope this site will not be shut down by Disney tho…

  12. Sounds good! I’m excited.

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