Invasion of Klondike Results

RPF logged onto Klondike as planned and we thought this would be an easy invasion. The Water Vikings had said they would defend Chinook from the Dark Warriors, but instead surprised everyone and logged onto Klondike to face us mighty rebels. As we quickly noticed WV were on the server, we asked for help from IW and DW. RPF and WV both had around 15 troops online to start, and then we managed to max 35+. It appears to have been a tie at the Iceberg and a clear victory for us in the Forts and Town. It was decided that IW are letting RPF and DW share the server 50/50 since not many of their troops logged on. Thank you to the couple armies in the NDA that helped when we asked! Sweet victory!

Comment if you attended!




  1. I attended

  2. I attended! Nice unplanned battle!

  3. u didnt not post pics in which i was 🙁

  4. I attended

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