Today the glorious Rebel Penguin Federation logged on to invade the Army of Club Penguin. We had recently invaded Breeze and punctured the heart of the ACP, now we have gone for the jugular, invading one of their strongest servers; Snow Fort.

The RPF stormed the server, starting out with strong sizes of 30+ penguins. The Army of Club Penguin could hardly manage to get above 5. When the RPF entered the Beach where the ACP was preparing, the ACP fell apart, running to several different rooms. The commanders of the RPF assigned the troops to hunt and kill; find any ACP soldiers and capture them. 

After 15 minutes or so, the ACP finally stopped struggling and logged off. RPF was granted the victory in what was simply a marvelous display of RPF’s strength, speed and tracking skills.

RPF is back on the map, now comes the restoration of the RPF empire. Soldiers, make sure to keep serving your commanders proudly. Serve your role and fight the good fight as hard as you can. This is only the beginning of RPF’s brave conquest.

Silverburg, RPF Leader


  1. it was fun chasing the scared acp lol

  2. We did really well today! Those acp won’t know what hit them. Plus they can’t hide forever now can they.

  3. It was fun! I attended. 😀

  4. This was my first RPF event, look how far ive come as now I am the Leader of The RPF Scouts.

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