January 2018 Better Igloos/Furniture Catalog Hidden Items: Club Penguin Rewritten

Hello everyone,

Today, CPR updated the Igloo Catalog with new items and also some hidden items! This post will help you find all the hidden items from the Better Igloo Catalog. Let’s get into it!

If you want to join RPF, click here! We are the largest group on CPR and we have a mascot tracker at the before mentioned link! We also have fun events, parties, and more daily!

On with the secrets!

Hidden items are boxed in RED

Page 1

Clicking the dot on the exclamation mark offers you a Mexican Vase!


Clicking on the leaf will offer you a Lamp!

Last but not least, Clicking on the middle pattern of the Terracotta Pitcher offers you a shoe rack!

Page 2

Clicking on the Gecko’s feet shows you a Flower Planter!

By pressing the dot on the penguin mask, a red lava lamp will pop up on your screen!

Clicking the little pattern on the Mexican Rug offers you a HD TV!

Page 3

Clicking the right chair leg will make a Zeus Stage Poster appear!

Click the right table leg and a Peppy Stage Poster will appear!

Lasttly, clicking the heart on the Pink Dresser will show you a Tate Stage Poster!

That’s all of the secrets for this month! Check out the RPF youtube channel, which posts cheats like this and much more, by clicking here!

Fight the good fight!

~Percy, RPF Second In Command





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