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Welcome to the official Join Page for the Rebel Penguin Federation. We are the most legendary Club Penguin Army (since 2007)! So, do you think you have what it takes to be in RPF? Join RPF today!

Click here to join our Discord server, where we communicate (required)!

Here’s what you need to do to join RPF:

  1. Attend the events scheduled on the front page of the website.

  2. Join our Discord by clicking here. This is mandatory, because it’s where we communicate!

  3. (Optional) Subscribe to the OFFICIAL RPF YOUTUBE CHANNEL, where we post tutorials, guides, and all sorts of RPF content! Click here to subscribe!

Make sure to be an active member of RPF to reap all of the benefits! Upon joining the Discord, say you’re new and our staff will help you right away. Welcome, Rebel!

 When You Join We Will Ask 2 Questions:

What is your Division?

What is your Branch?


Don’t know which division you are?

Please see this map:

If where you live is red, you are in the US division.

If where you live is blue, you are in the EU division.

If where you live is green, you are in the AUSIA division.


Your choice of Branches is either Airforce or Navy.

The primary difference is during Airforce vs. Navy battles, your branch depicts what branch uniform you wear. You are also given access to a special chat accessible only to those in your branch on our Discord.

To see our primary uniform and branch uniforms, click here.

If you are missing any more information, answers may have been provided in our Beginner’s Guide, which you can access by clicking here.


  1. Comments were cleared due to clutter.
    Welcome to the official Join Page for RPF! Here you can learn lots about what RPF is and how to properly join us. Remember to keep up to date with the website for be informed about future events. I’ll see you on the battlefield!
    -Be sure to ask any questions you may have here! They may take up to 48hrs to be answered, so for faster support please use our Discord server.

  2. Discord invite expired?

  3. Is it required to join the discord group

  4. how do I know if i get accepted into RPF??

  5. so i even got your uniform.. does it mean i can join your events and track mascots now?

  6. its really weird i filled everything in on the test and it said go back. and my friend wrote basically the same thing and got in to rpf i mean how is that even possible

  7. hey
    how does the mascot tracker work, will we be notified when a mascot is online, also will that notification come via email?

  8. What if your penguin name is still P7832893 or something?

  9. Hi, I do not want to use voice chat or hear anyone’s voice. I don’t really use Discord, but I will be happy to oblige if there is a way to avoid using voice chat.

  10. I don’t really use Discord because I don’t use voice chat, so if there is a way to avoid using voice chat I would be happy to oblige. I apologise for the inconvenience.

  11. Hello! I am interested in joining the RPF. I tried to get the night vision goggles for the uniform but it said your penguin needs to be at least 30 days old to join the PSA. I do have the other parts of the uniform though. Will I still be able to join the RPF without the goggles or will I have to wait? Thanks! 🙂

  12. im done cans i join

  13. How long do you usually have to wait to be accepted?

  14. How will I know if the owners accept my application? Will I be informed?

  15. for some reason, me, ordinator117 was recently removed from your chat for unknown reasons, I am going to join RPF but I can’t if I cannot access the chat

  16. how do i know if i have been accepted

  17. I can’t join discord help me

  18. discord doesnt work for me can i get new link

  19. same i cant join discord itll just load thats it help me


  21. How do you know if you’ve been accepted?

  22. now that cpr is gone where will the rpf go?

  23. Hi, you can accept my form?

  24. I cant join Discord, but i want to join is this possible??


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