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Welcome to the official Join Page for the Rebel Penguin Federation. We are the most legendary Club Penguin Army (since 2007!) So, do you think you have what it takes to be in RPF? Join RPF today!

Fill the Form below to Join RPF!

Official RPF Join Application

Please submit your join application only once. Once you’ve signed up for RPF make sure you’re active on RPF chat and attend battles so you can start ranking up now!

Use RPF chat anytime to communicate and make RPF the best!

Click here to visit the official RPF YouTube! *You may get a better rank for subscribing!*

Don’t know what division you’re in?

Please see this map:

If where you live is red, you are in the US (North & South America) division.

If where you live is blue, you are in the EU (Europe & Africa) division.

If where you live is green, you are in the AUSIA (Australia & Asia) division.

❗ STOP ❗

Only scroll beyond this point if you have filled out and submitted your RPF join application. If you have not done that yet, scroll back up and complete it before you continue reading the rest of this page.

Now What?

1. Visit our Discord server.

RPF has an official Discord server. We use it as a command center during battles and other events, as well as just to hang out and socialize with each other. In RPF, we are both family and teammates, so communication is important no matter which way you look at it.

Our Discord server can be found at

2. Make sure your Discord name is the same as it is on CPR!

If you play Club Penguin Rewritten, regardless of whether you join RPF or not, you should make sure your name on Discord is the same as your name on CPR. This makes it easier for leaders to promote RPF soldiers, but it also helps us keep the Discord server safe. To change your name on Discord, please use the /nick command.

3. Browse through the pages on our website (if you haven’t already).

The pages on this website exist for a reason. A lot of them contain very informing content that would be good to read through. The more you learn about RPF, the more likely you are to be promoted. One of the pages is the Beginner’s Guide page which has a general summary of how RPF mostly works. It’s recommended to read the page as it useful for beginners in the field of combat. Click here to find out more.

4. Read the posts.

One of the most important things you can do in RPF is check the websites on a daily basis, and read the new posts that appear. A lot of the posts we publish feature important information.

One of the most important posts you can check is stickied at the top of the page: the event schedule. Be sure to check that every day to see what events you can attend.

5. Attend the events!

Attending events in RPF is what makes you an RPF soldier. If you never attend the events, you will never be promoted in RPF. We need troops at our battles, otherwise there’s no point in those troops being on the ranks. Make sure that if you’re in RPF, you’re attending as many battles as you can!

6. Fight the good fight.

The motto of the Rebel Penguin Federation is “Fight the good fight”. That is what RPF soldiers must do, over and above all else.


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    Welcome to the official Join Page for RPF! Here you can learn lots about what RPF is and how to properly join us. Remember to only press “submit” once, or else your form might not submit properly. I’ll see you on the battlefield!
    -Be sure to ask any questions you may have here! They may take up to 48hrs to be answered, so for faster support please use our Discord server.

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