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CPU released open beta today, which includes all of the catalogs! This post will help you to discover all of the secret items in the Better Igloos Catalog, so go on and read!

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There’s a lot of secrets, so get ready!

Hidden items are boxed in red!

Page 1

Clicking on the cherry gives you the chance to buy the HD TV!

If you click on the pink ice cream, you can get the Candy Stash!

Finally, clicking on the donut hole lets you buy a marshmallow!

Page 2

If you click on the coin next to the price of the wishing well, you are able to buy a Penguin Gnome!

Careful which box you step into! Clicking on the water in the wishing well can let you buy a Portal Box!

Click on the cloud at the end of the rainbow to buy a Clover Balloon!

Lastly, click on the word “Clover” to buy a Green Clover!

Page 3

Click on the letter “P” to see the Red Puffle Poster!

You can also click on the letter “I” to view the Blue Puffle Poster!

To see the Black Puffle Poster, click on the letter “C”!

If you click on the letter “T” you can see the Purple Puffle Poster!

Clicking on the letter “U” allows you to view the Pink Puffle Poster!

If you want to buy the White Puffle Poster, click on the letter “R”!

The Yellow Puffle Poster can be found by clicking on the letter “E”!

Lastly on this page, click on the letter “S” to get the Green Puffle Poster!

No items were found on Page 3

Page 4

Clicking on the top of the snow fortress give you the chance to buy a Small Rock!

To buy Icicles, click on the snow on top of the tree!

Page 5

Want a Dream Catcher? Click the dial on the stove!

Page 6

Click on the Coins for Change logo in order to string Holiday Lights around your igloo!

You can also get Holiday Bells by clicking on the Christmas tree’s star!

Page 7

Want a unique, Leaning Tree? Click on the candle in the candy cane lamppost to get one!

You can also get Icicle Lights by clicking on the fireplace!

Page 8

If you want a Wrought Iron Lamp Post to light up your igloo, click on the blue bird to get it!

Page 9

If you want a Knight Ice Sculpture, you can easily get one by clicking on the top of the chandelier!

Those are the secrets for the first CPU Better Igloos catalog! Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel and join our Discord server for more tips and tricks!

Fight the good fight!

-Daniellem, RPF Major General



  1. oOo FANCY!!!

  2. loved every single item xd

  3. Fancy! Gotta make my igloo cozy to live now

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