March 2018 Penguin Style Catalog Hidden Items: Club Penguin Universe

Hello everyone!

This is our first Penguin Style Catalog hidden items post for Club Penguin Universe. This will be your guide to finding the hidden items. This month, CPU gave us a very particular Penguin Style catalog.

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Let us continue with the Hidden Items!


Page 1

No hidden items.

Page 2

No hidden items.

Page 3

Only 1 hidden item is available in this page.

Click the orange penguin’s badges to find the Green Snorkel.

Page 4

2 hidden items on this page.

Click the mermaid’s seashell to find the Viking Helmet.

Click the seashell 3 more times to discover the super secret Blue Viking Helmet!

Pages 5 through 9

No hidden items in these pages

That’s all the hidden items for this months Penguin Style Catalog! Stay tuned for more soon!

Fight the good fight


  1. Thank you very much!

  2. dang the march catalog has barely any secret items

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