Membership Giveaway [Results]

Gotcha with the misleading title… CLICKBAIT!

Anyway, there will still be two membership giveaways from this week’s winner and last week’s winner, but due to a lot of people in RPF owning a membership code from October, I will have to know who doesn’t have a membership.

Be sure to comment below your rank and in-chat username if you have not received a membership code yet.

We will know if you try and cheat by commenting on two different accounts.

I will not be linking this post on chat so only people who check the website regularly will have a shot at this.

Best of luck to everyone! The winner will a completely random and unbiased choice.



Hello! I'm Chip.


  1. Username: Beaky6

    Chat Name: Beaky6_[RPF]_(Sergeant_Major)

    Rank: Sergeant Major (Duh)

  2. Username: Vishal72002

    Rank: Major General

    xat name: ★√ῐṧḫᾲỊ™★

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