Milk Bags Are Real!

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Greetings RPF,

The grand commander of this army, Milkbags103, requested that I made a post proving that milk bags do, in fact, exist. I shall prove all the haters wrong with this undeniable evidence, taken from Google.

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Here I search up “milk bags” on Google Images and took a screenshot of three examples of milk bags.
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Next, I dig deeper into my investigation and came to the conclusion that milk bags, do in fact, exist.

“Milk bag are plastic bags that contain milk. Milk bags are also referred to as milkwutters by Canadians i nthe region of British Columbia. They are usually stored in a pichter or jug with one of the corners cut off to allow for pouring.”

I have proved the haters wrong.

Fight the good fight.

~Junie, RPF Second in Command

Biffer edit: I personally believe that milk bags are the greatest innovation since sliced bread. Never before has milk been so easily stored.To survive as an army we must embrace the use of the milk bag and pour the holy rebel milk on supreme leader left. Long live Cow Juice in a polymer bag bagged milk

Left edit: Amazing discovery… WOW! Great work, detective.

Percy edit: I love milk bags, milk bags are great

Reyder Edit: I once ate a milk bag plastic and all. 10/10, would do it again.



idk stop asking



  2. I knew it!


  4. i know i use to get thos in school and i’m is the us

  5. long live milk bags

  6. I think we still need more proof.

  7. I never knew milk bags existed or ever thought about them in the first place.

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