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This server was created in spirit of the previous Club Penguin Army Community, the server is set up to play almost identically to how armies once played against each other. Before we give you the Server Address to join us, reading the following rules are REQUIRED!

Updated: 12/17/17



  • Immortals of the Sophisticated [IOTS] [12 Members]
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth [UIC] [5 Members]
  • Bepis Army [BEP] [3 Members]
  • Puppy Destroyer Beasts [PDB] [3 Members]
  • Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF] [2 Members]
  • Republic of the Lovebird Isles [RLI] [2 Members]
  • Nordic Union [NDU] [2 Members]
  • EsoTerra [ESO] [1 Member]
  • JOJ [JOJ] [1 Member]
  • Viking Clan [VC] [1 Member]
  • Civilians [Players without a Faction] [72 Civilians]

Updated: 12/17/17

CURRENT ERA: DAWN OF TIME [November 17th, 2017 – December 31st, 2017]


  • 12/17/2017
  • The Nordic Union is victorious over Wolf Pack
  • The Territory of Wolf Island has fallen!
  • The Territory of Wolftalia has fallen!
  • Wolf Pack has deteriorated!
  • The Nordic Union has seized Wolftalia from Wolf Pack
  • The Territory of Wolf Island is founded by Wolf Pack
  • Bepis Army now Controls Fort Bepis
  • The Territory of Fort Bepis is Founded
  • Bepis Army is Organized
  • > The Nordic Union has declared war on Wolf Pack <
  • 12/12/2017
  • The Nordic Union now Controls Ruvar
  • The Territory of Ruvar is Founded
  • The Nordic Union is Organized
  • Immortals of the Sophisticated now Controls Gallifrey
  • The Territory of Gallifrey is Founded
  • Wolf Pack now Controls Wolftalia
  • The Territory of Wolftalia is Founded
  • Wolf Pack is Organized
  • 12/3/2017
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth now controls Incidia
  • The Territory of Incidia is Founded
  • 11/21/2017
  • Puppy Destroyer Beasts now Controls Chicken Island
  • The Territory of Chicken Island is Founded
  • Republic of the Loverbird Isles now Controls Albatross 
  • The Territory of Albatross is Founded
  • Immortals of the Sophisticated now Controls Mondas
  • Immortals of the Sophisticated is Organized
  • The Territory of Mondas is Founded
  • Puppy Destroyer Beasts now Controls Wolf Forest
  • Puppy Destroyer Beasts is Organized
  • The Territory of Wolf Forest is Founded
  • JOJ now Controls Biffer’s Island
  • JOJ is Organized
  • The Territory of Biffer’s Island is Founded
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth and EsoTerra are now Allies
  • EsoTerra now Controls Vetis
  • EsoTerra now Controls Dagon
  • EsoTerra now Controls Aciel
  • EsoTerra is Organized
  • 11/20/2017
  • Neo Confederate Union Collapses
  • 11/19/2017
  • Republic of the Lovebird Isles now Controls Osprey Outlook
  • Republic of the Lovebird Isles now Controls Lovebird Isles
  • Republic of the Lovebird Isles is Organized
  • The Territory of Osprey Outlook is Founded
  • The Territory of Lovebird Isles is Founded
  • 11/18/2017
  • Neo Confederate Union is Organized
  • Rebel Penguin Federation is Organized
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth now Controls Red Castle
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth now Controls Point Locke
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth now Controls Arcadia
  • United Islands of the Commonwealth is Organized
  • The Territory of Red Castle is Founded
  • The Territory of Point Locke is Founded
  • The Territory of Dagon is Founded
  • The Territory of Vetis is Founded
  • The Territory of Aciel is Founded
  • The Territory of Arcadia is Founded
  • Era Marked! Dawn of Time [11/17/2017 -> 12/31/2017]
  • Server Launches 11/17/2017 


  • The server is mostly ocean, simulating island based warfare. (In the spirit of Club Penguin Island)
  • The server is capped at this size and works like a globe. Going to one edge of the map will teleport you to the other side.



As a Faction…

  • Own the Most Territories
  • Own the Most Resources


The year is cut up into three equal Eras that are Four Months each.

  • January 1st to April 31st
  • May 1st to August 31st
  • September 1st to December 31st

Whichever Faction has the most Territories or Most Resources will win the Era, which will be named after their Faction.




  • Players can edit World Land freely at all times.
  • Players can construct bases and outposts on World Land, and it can be designated a Territory by an Admin.
  • Territories cannot be edited in any way except by the Territory owner.
  • PvP is allowed in all territories at all times, making raids possible.


  • Territory being fought for can be edited by the Territory owner, however…
    • Attackers will be able to loot chests and
      • Blow up TNT


  • Can be made at any location
    • Named by the person who first registers the territory with an admin.
  • Can be controlled by existing Factions by either…
    • That Faction creating the Territory (Via admin setup)
    • That Faction taking over the Territory
  • Territories do not have to be Faction-controlled. They can be just towns or locations. However, if a Faction launches an Invasion with a 24-hour notice, they can fight to take the location over from the owner.


  • A Faction scheduling an Invasion must meet the following criteria
    • Must notify both the Defending Faction and
    • a Server Admin
    • 24 hours beforehand
    • Cannot invade more than one Territory per 24 hours.
  • All battles are required to have an Admin present, as the Admin is the person who changes a Territory to At War status, and back to At Peace at the end of the battle. Not to mention, they also change the territory ownership.


  • Attacker Win Condition:
    • Access is gained to the base or location.
    • Have more Members alive than the Defenders
  • Defender Win Condition:
    • Repel access to the base or location.
    • Kill all Attackers until none are left, or they retreat. (Designated by leaving the Territory)
  • Full Retreat [Either Side]
    • Auto Defeat if one Faction entirely leaves the Territory under attack.
  • No Show [Either SIde]
    • If one Faction is properly notified but does not show up, they automatically lose the battle.
  • Cheating [Either Side]
    • In the rare case that one faction is caught cheating, using a client for example to bypass our server’s security. The caught side will be automatically disqualified and blacklisted from the server.

Admins allow factions to own Territories at the end of the battle based on the winner.


  • All Battles Last One Hour Maximum
  • TNT may not be excessively used, griefing a territory unnecessarily will result in automatic disqualification. TNT must be used strategically, to blast your way through base entry points and sealed rooms. Excessive use will be reverted as well.
  • Spawn points may not be set within a defending territory, once you die during an assault, you are out.


  • Get in touch with the Server Administrator [Red Gush24/Redd2]
  • Have the following information ready:
    • Name with Initials (Example: Rebel Penguin Federation/RPF)
    • Faction Color (That will appear on the server chat) (Example: Dark Grey)
  • Disclaimer: Names only in the spirit of the game rules will be accepted.


  • Great for marking a Base, Town, or Outpost you want to be protected. Only your Faction will be able to edit Territories you control.
  • Get in touch with the server Administrator [Red Gush24/Redd2]
  • Have the following information ready:
    • Location coordinates (general vicinity so the admin can scout and assure the entire territory is within the configured borders)
    • Location Name (Example: Arcadia)
  • Disclaimer:  Name changes are not allowed for territories. Whatever the name is when it is created, it will stay that.
  • Disclaimer: Names only in the spirit of the game rules will be accepted.
  • Disclaimer: Territories may not take up entire continents, territories will be the size of constructed structures on a contained plot of land, subject to definition by the server admins.


  • Any rule that exists on the RPF Discord is also Valid in the Minecraft server chat! You can be banned at moderator’s own discretion to ensure a safe play environment for all players.



Insert the following address where you would normally put an IP address! Respect the rules above, happy crafting!





  1. lol im like the only person on

  2. A place where you can be attacked and you can attack but also not attack unnecessarily… what? None of that sounds fun

  3. What version of mc is it?

  4. Can someone make the Underground Mafias Army (UMA, preferably a shade of red)

  5. Rafiguerra (Private First Class)

    Is this server playable in the Xbox One version of Minecraft?

    • im afraid not pal xbox one edition shares servers with windows 10 and trust me they are horrible but ok. the windows 10 and xbox version of minecraft r clean fresh and awesome but the servers when the host leaves everyone else is kicked and only 8 people get urself java edition

      • Well, no. There are many hosts that have options for MCPE and Windows 10. I have hosted one for many years, and I actually got it monetized at one point. I hadn’t joined it in years and it was still going strong.

  6. I am banned from the rpf but i am on my way of making a new thing. to avenge what the rpf has done banning me and the saviors getting carl bit i will now rise up on this minecraft server taking over territory and robbing. i left a few signs for u to know im coming for u all. good luck

  7. Ninja82618/aqulappi/N1nja

    lol why I cant connect, this ain’t how to make a server

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