My Vision

Hello RPF. I will tell you what the immediate future will be like for RPF. RPF will have less scheduled events. The events we will schedule will be important-to-win-battle. RPF will have more scheduled events so be on RPF chat whenever you’re online.  30-40+ RPF will show up to RPF’s 8 year anniversary event this Saturday. Once Club Penguin fixes their server disconnection problem which started a few days ago, RPF will get 100-200 join submissions a day. RPF got 100-200 join submissions everyday since the introduction of the new Generals & Warlords into RPF. RPF began recruiting efforts on Club Penguin together only 12 days ago. About 4-5 days ago Club Penguin began experiencing disconection problems because a hacker group has sent DDoS attacks to their login servers, which means they’re just making it lag so people can’t get in. CP will have to upgrade their servers & security for CP to be 100% functional again. As it was only 4 or 5 days ago when we were getting 100-200 recruits per day, now we are getting about 10-20 recruits per day. Our momentum has come to a stop, and RPF’s morale has been going down a lot each day that we cannot go on CP to rise RPF. Do not think that I do not see things from your view as well, and I’m not going to hide the truth from RPF. You gotta know this: I know RPF already has enough RPF in RPF to make RPF the #1 Army. Let’s show that this Saturday on our capital server at RPF’s 8th birthday party event !!! Our server (Tuxedo) is always a 1 bar server meaning nobody’s on it, so I think all of RPF will be able to fit into the server without any problems logging in. After Saturday’s event we’ll have some type of big event on Sunday to start off the week good. We won’t have many, or even any scheduled events throughout the week until summer starts. We’ll focus on weekend scheduled events so we have better sizes. RPF will have events everyday during the Summer (June). A lot of RPF who have joined recently are very loyal to RPF so make sure they are trained by the best RPF. Think about this: RPF is going through a blizzard right now, we need to all stick together so when we come out of this blizzard which’ll be when CP fixes itself RPF will max 70-100 and be really huge all the time. It’ll look better than it was before RPF’s fall after I was overthrown..



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  1. Sir I am really sorry but I am unable to train the new recruits and also in this harsh blizzard I am lost from the RPF group. It is all due to the ban which has not been cancelled till now. May I ask you the solution to it?

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