Hello, everyone

We have officially updated the airforce and navy uniform to freshen things up!

Note: Only wear these uniforms for special navy vs airforce battles!

Here is the tutorial

Get the items fast before they disappear!

Total navy uniform cost: 2100 coins

Total airforce uniform cost: 2450 coins

Coins being a problem? Mine or do some cart surfer!

Face item

For the face item for both branches, wear the night vision goggles.

Don’t know how to get them? See HERE

Body item: 

Go to the gift shop catalog, flip right until you see the letterman jackets in the clearance section.

Buy the red one if you are airforce, buy the blue one if you are Navy.

Feet item:

Sadly the blue shoes are no longer available (they were available in the march catalog) so if you have them, wear them. The red ones are currently in the gift shop catalog.

Note: If you don’t have the blue shoes, wear a feet item thats blue. If you don’t have one, wear nothing.

Neck item

Sadly, the blue cape is currently unavailable.. If you have it, wear it. If you do not have it, wear something blue thats a neck item. If you don’t have a neck item that’s blue wear nothing.

The red cape can be found in the costume catalog (at the stage), flip right a few times until you see it!

Hand item

Airforce: please go to the lighthouse, then go to the music catalog (where it says instruments) for sale, then pick the red electric guitar

Navy: For the blue electric guitar, go to the gift shop catalog and pick up the blue guitar 

Head item

For the airforce head item, go to the gift shop catalog, scroll left until you see this penguin

Once you see him, click on the E on his hoodie. You should get a red viking helmet. Get that 🙂

For the navy head item, click on the same E 3-4 times until the blue viking helmet shows up.



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. I like the new uniforms!!

  2. New and improved for sure!

  3. Does anyone have any recommendations for blue footwear? I don’t have the blue shoes.

  4. the new uniforms look nice!

  5. Good uniforms. Sadly the navy ones are not available

  6. if dark red wins color vote, make air force use dark red as the color

  7. Well, I’m very excited about the Navy vs. Airforce event I’m going to, although I don’t live in EU. -_-

  8. Two Things

    1:Can I change to air force because I have more things of the red stuff

    2:If i cant what do i wear for the blue letterman jacket cuz i cant get it

  9. lots of the blue uniform isnt available anymore, eg. the jacket and stuff, so can we update it?

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