CPRewritten: All December Catalog Secrets 2017

Hey, RPF! A new catalogue has been released on club penguin rewritten! And we have the secrets!

If you are looking to join a great group of penguins that tracks down mascots like Christmas Rockhoppper, has game nights, CPR events, movie nights, and MUCH more like guides for parties,  join us today and get up the ranks! Come to our discord server, by clicking HERE!

Video tutorial

Prefer text over video? Read below!

The First Page:

Firstly if you click on Mrs Claus’s hands you will unlock the Piccadilly Plaid for 450 coins:

Secondly if you click on Santa’s belt you will unlock the Puffy Parker for 450 coins:

Thirdly if you click on one of the elf’s bells you will unlock The Chillax for 450 coins

Lastly, clicking on the Santa Claus’ eyes will offer you a snazzy purple rugby scarf!

The Second Page:

Firstly if you Click on the first green christmas light you will unlock the Blue goggles for 350 coins

Secondly if you press on one of the reindeer’s bells you will unlock the Viking Helmet for 750 coins

Thirdly if you press on the wrapping on the man’s present you will unlock the Gingerbread Costume for 400 coins

Fourthly if you click on one of the man’s buttons you unlock the Wool Socks for 100 coins

The Third Page:

Firstly if you click on the candy cane in the stocking you will unlock the Candy Cane for 200 coins

Secondly if you click on the berries on the lady’s dress you will unlock the red mittens for 100 coins

Thirdly if press on one of the baubles you will unlock the Puffle Pullover for 400 cons

Finally if you press on one of the dots on the man’s sweater you will unlock the White puffle pullover for 400 coins

Fight the Good Fight

-Tom, Second in Command


  1. Super helpful!!1 Thanks! Fight the good fight!!

  2. Very Helpful, Thank you very much and Fight The Good Fight

  3. You forgot a two Things beeing the Purple Rugby Scarf on page 1 if you click the eyes of the Santa Clause and the candy cane wing warmers on page 2 if you click the left ear of the Reindeer
    (These descriptions are a Little off)

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