New Year’s Day!

New Years Day!

The definition of New Year’s Eve/Day:

the last day of the year; in the modern Western calendar, December 31.

  • the evening of the last day of the year, typically marked with a celebration.

Happy New Year’s Day/Eve, RPF! I’d like to and so does everyone else in the army want to wish you a great new year! We hope for us and for you the best of luck in our journeys and moments of 2016 and make it so we’ll be the #1 army in the Top Tens! Our expectations should be high for the army and even higher for our great troop, you!

Now, what should we expect for the new year and what do we expect from you? We expect for us to be with our friends, make more bonds, more relationships and make it so that we can defeat our enemies [not including wars] by making them our friends. We hope for you to find comfort and make it so that we’re your friends, your helpers and your people to inspire you whenever you need us! We hope for you to do better than 2015, do more than the past years and find yourself even more!

We expect for the Rebel Penguin Federation to be the Rebel Penguin Federation! We want them to be them and make it so we’re courageous until the end of this community. We will fight as a powerhouse remaining unstoppable to our opposing groups and make the next generation of the Rebel Penguin Federation better than the last one! We want 2016 to be our year! The year of the Rebel Penguin Federation and the year of you! That sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s eat some treats!



If you don’t like those chocolate brownies then, have some vanilla brownies!


Or, if you don’t like either one of these two [for those who don’t like one of these two], you can have [insert favourite treat/treats]!

Delicious, am I right or am I right?

Now, let’s make the year 2016 amazing! Get those 2016 glasses, put them on and show everyone that you know that you’re going to succeed because you are! 2016, that year, we’ll make the Rebel Penguin Federation even better! We’ll make it better than 2015! Let’s chant “2016” and show every individual that we’re proud to say 2016! We’re proud to say we’ll do better than 2015 and we’re proud to say we’re rebels! The rebels of this generation, the next generation and the next generation after! Then, the next one and the next one and until the community ends!


Yeah, that’s right! This is RPF2K16 and that year will be the year that we’ll be proud! We’ll make the Rebel Penguin Federation the Rebel Penguin Federation even more because we’ll be changing the community like we did before and before that! We’re the greatest army to ever live and we need you to make the greatest army of all time, even greater!

Now, this will be said in my posts for the last time in the year!


By, Jason17125/Junie17125

P.S. Happy New Year!



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