Official RPF Event Schedule [November 2017]

November 30th, 2017

 Movie Night 

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Vote on the movie you want to see by clicking HERE:

The movie will be streamed. The stream link will be announced right before it starts.

Start Time: 3:30 pm EST, 2:30 pm CST, 1:30 pm MST, 12:30 PST, 8:30 pm GMT



idk stop asking


  1. ok, i will try

  2. Will we just go round getting stamps or is it a comp?

  3. Will be 11 PM for me. I have school, I would really really love to attend but I have school tomorrow 🙁

  4. Me too. ^^^^^^
    I usually attend every battle except when there is ones at 2 while im still in school 🙁

  5. really wanna attend this

  6. cant attend its in 2:00am for me rip

  7. Sorry i wish i could attend i got banned for a day for telling someone who started WW2 (NAZIS) LOL XD :(.

  8. Excuse me, I would like to join, but im not allowed to. I think I got banned by “left” I don´t even know why.

  9. Cannot attend this one, Will be 1 am for me and I have school tomorrow


  10. Can’t attend at school



  13. Yes because this is a great idea for CPRs already **** servers

  14. Umm…TBA isnt a server

  15. My 24h cpr ban just expried! *relief*

  16. That will be 04:00/4:00AM SGT. I may be going somewhere and may not be able to attend.


  17. ugh sadly won’t be able to attend since its 1am gmt when it happens and I have to wake up at 7pm :////
    car user- IssyLooppp

  18. I Was Here

  19. oh did I miss it

  20. Eric11457 (Private)

    I’ll try to attend

  21. uh, ive been very inactive and want to say sorry. i will try to join this event

  22. I’ll will try too, i have school soon

  23. I’ll be there if I can. If something comes up, apologies

  24. I’ll hope to be there, but I have a question.
    Was I kicked out of the RPF discord? I can’t seem to access it at the moment. If so, why?

  25. I attended, AMAZING EVENT!

  26. Can’t attend because of school.

  27. 2am is too early/late for me 🙁

  28. I will maybe be there

  29. Welp i’ll come at all the times i can, i usually stay up late regardless of school, so i hope to be there if i can

  30. I will try to make it, can’t make any promises

  31. I’ll be late, but you can count on me =D

  32. what is the link

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