One Year Later…

Hello all,

One year ago today I was promoted to Rebel Commander by Silverburg.

A lot has changed within RPF over the past year. RPF’s performance over this period of time has exceeded my every expectation, so this is a post to thank each and every one of you who have helped RPF over the past year and throughout my career.

 Most of you probably weren’t around for this, but I was given leader on the same day that Silverburg declared himself “RPF President”. What ensued was mass disapproval from a contingent of RPF veterans, and the inactivity of Silv in the days that followed. I had big shoes to fill as we essentially lost an RPF Legend from the leadership that day (although he wasn’t officially removed until August). However many in RPF at the time, and many that would join in the following weeks and months, took the pressure off of me and allowed me to be my best self. I have had the privilege of working with some fantastic leaders, 2ics, and 3ics over the past year. I couldn’t have asked for many better people to share the RPF ownership with. To everyone who has contributed to the RPF High Command over the past year, thank you.

Moderators were once the forgotten group of RPF soldiers. They weren’t really holding any power, but more was expected out of them anyway simply for holding the title of mod. When I was a moderator in late 2016 – early 2017, I distinctly remember the lack of activity and effort that was exerted by (most) mods. Once I was promoted into the High Command, I knew something needed to change for this group. You may not know this, but current RPF mods are more active and contribute far more than moderators in previous generations. Moderators never had the ability to post, or even contribute at all to the RPF site for that matter, prior to this generation (before I became leader most of the High Command wasn’t even on the website). However when given the opportunity, RPF moderators have risen to the occasion and proven themselves worthy of praise and holding more responsibility than ever. To everyone who has contributed to the RPF moderation staff over the past year, thank you.

Members are the foundation of any army. Thousands have joined us over the past year. I’ve been blown away by the sheer number of new faces that have joined. Every time we’ve hit 100+, every time we’ve been recruiting, every time we’ve needed to band together and prove ourselves, our loyal members have been there. None of this is possible without you guys. To everyone who has been an RPF member over the past year, thank you.

You have all helped give RPF some of its best times ever. However our work is not done. Earlier this week, I was given the honor of “RPF Legend” by Commando717 himself (RPF creator, RPF Legend, and CP army legend). Much like many of you, I was once a private in this army. I worked my way through the ranks all the way up to Rebel Commander. I can now put my name alongside the upper echelon of people to ever lead this glorious army. RPF is far from over, so the question is, who’s next? With the right work any one of you could be the next legend. I want to see more of your names up there one day, so keep working hard and your efforts will be noticed. I’ll see you all on the battlefield rebels, and here’s to another great year!

Fight the good fight!

-Popsicle, RPF Leader, RPF Legend





  1. Congratulations POPSICLE sir

  2. Kaju0001 [frostbite]

    Congrats pop my man!

  3. 😀 well done granddad

  4. Congrats Pop!

  5. Good job Popsicle! Respond to my Discord messages please woop woop

  6. Nice pop! 😀

  7. Nice speech Pop, congrats!

  8. good for u

  9. Still a noob!!!!!!!!!11111111

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