Operation: 2nd Recon a Success

Hello, RPF. We’ve completed another successful event. We exceeded sizes of 50, which is great considering we had no commanders online. We quickly eliminated the Tubas, who tried battling us in every room we entered. Remember to attend the event tomorrow, which will be taking place at the same time. Fight the good fight.

Who’s “WE”

Comment below and you will be considered for a promotion. I’ll see you all on the battlefield tomorrow.

-Left, RPF second in command


  1. I attended. It was good trying out new tactics and it was also a great opportunity to have a bit of fun! Fight the good fight.

  2. i attended

  3. I Attended!

  4. I attended

  5. I attended

  6. I attended

  7. I attended

  8. I attended. It was interesting and fun to see the 2ic’s lead the raid.

  9. I attended.

  10. I attended! Hope we can do an igloo raid sometime soon. Fight the good fight! (Discord is Dave)

  11. I was here

  12. I attended, was a fun event.

  13. This event was really good. It was fun doing the simultaneous tactics. Great job RPF! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!!!!!

  14. I attended!

    • Oh and BTW, puffles are fixed now! Finally we don’t have to get worried about them dy… I mean leaving to the wilderness!

  15. i CAME!

  16. I attended. Fight The Good Fight!

  17. I atended

  18. Fun fun fun! I attended.

  19. Attended! 😛

  20. Attended! YAY! I LOVE IT!

  21. I attended

  22. I attended

  23. I attended as much as I could which was like 10 minutes? But it was really fun 🙂

  24. I attended!


  26. I attended! 😀

  27. I attended!.

  28. I attended. Good job, RPF.

  29. Attended!

  30. I attended! That was amazing! We got those tubas good!

  31. I attended, and sent pictures!

  32. i attended

  33. Attended

  34. CremeEgg/Chef Creme

    I attended! RPF VICTORY!

  35. I was there! Curse those evil tubas!

  36. I attended what i could, but I also had work. Also Discord was having issues ✌️

  37. I attended!?

  38. I attended

  39. Attended Had To Get off right after it only able to get a comment on right now Event Was Fun Fight The Good Fight

  40. attended logged off early

  41. I attended. Frgf

  42. Attended, it was a blast

  43. Hope you had fun,! Fight the good fight!

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