Operation: Freedom Raids – Results

We initially wanted to have this operation on Club Penguin Rewritten at Deep Freeze, but CPR crashed many times, rendering us unable to have an event on there. We then decided to do it at Oasis, where we went to several rooms and attracted a crowd to follow us wherever we went. We did very good at tactics, so good job for that. Fight the good fight.

Comment if you’ve attended for a possible promotion!






idk stop asking


  1. PrimalPeng
    Private First Class

  2. i was there
    scout medic

  3. PrimalPeng
    Private First Class(thx elm)

  4. I attended this event.
    Rank: 3ic

  5. Felicityfox, Colonel, I attended! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT FELLOW RPF

  6. ddewing
    Good job guys!

  7. Quisqueya
    Second Lieuenant

  8. Attended!
    Private First Class

  9. DJCrystal
    Head General
    I attended on cpr. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  10. Mosco12346
    US Navy ( Ex. Air Force )
    I attended!

  11. FuliCPR
    I used the old RPF Uniform with the Puffle Bandana and red backpack lel
    Fight The Good Fight!

  12. I attended
    Private First Class

  13. JJ Alpha wolf first lietuant

    Was fun totally worth staying up till 1:40

  14. Attended- almondsjoys , master sergeant

  15. I attended!
    Robo Bart
    Master Sergeant

  16. cpr/oasis Lord Kek 666/ Discord Lord Kek (PRIVATE)

    attended there where like 7 people at cpr deep freeze some how got in and was really fun hanging in oasis

  17. Corporal Roy2490 reporting in, I attended.
    Fight the Good Fight!

  18. Attended for the first tactic, but had to go


    Master Sergeant

  19. PenguinISLIT and rpf penguinislit
    Private I attended I was the marshmallow. #FIGHTTHEGOODLOGIN

  20. Flynn1111
    Second Lieutenant
    I attended, and if I could say one thing….
    It would be “Wow those kiddos were edgy, or at least trying to be….”

  21. P17189
    Attended, and participated in all of it.

  22. Mels98
    Corporal, I attended and was there for all of it.

  23. attended
    second lieutenant

  24. attended although it took me time to login on oasis
    private first class

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