Operation: Snow Storm [RESULTS]

Today, the Rebel Penguin Federation’s US forces logged onto Arctic for Operation: Snow Storm. Due to miscommunication and lack of preparation, we averaged 16 and reached a maximum of 18. RPF, I’m sure we can do even better throughout the week! Great things shall come!

Comment below if you attended! Please include the following:

CP Username:

Rank in RPF:

Look forward to seeing you guys next time!

Fight the good fight.



  1. CP Username: Serpent
    Rank in RPF: Leader

    Great fight today, RPF!

  2. CP username: Pickle2955
    Rank: Lieutenant General (4ic)

    Fight the good fight 🙂

  3. CP Username: Mr Wattles
    Rank in RPF: Overlord (2ic)


  4. CP Username: Arctic Bolt
    Rank in RPF: Captain
    Fight The Good Fight!! (was there about half of event due to canes getting i home late and loosing connection once on cp but tryied my best to do tactics but had a few Kik messages too 🙁

  5. sorry i could not come i was at a baseball game that ended likw 10 mins after you finished

  6. CP username: Super Style8
    Rank in RPF: Brigadier General (6ic)

  7. Good job, RPF. We could have maxed more tho.

  8. Username: Jellyjoy4
    Rank: Corporal
    Great event missed half of it but the rest was awesome!

  9. CP Username: Countfang
    Rank in RPF: Private

    Great fight today, RPF! Fight the good fight!

  10. CP Username: Seansam0

    Rank in RPF: Master Sergeant

  11. CP Username: FunriousTV
    Rank in RPF: Private
    Fight the good fight! Fantastic work!

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