Card Jitsu is a card game played in the Dojo; to get there, players need to go to the Dojo Courtyard, which is accessible via the map, or the spy phones and enter through doors. On a penguin’s first visit, they must talk to the Sensei, the owner of the Dojo. He will explain what to do, as well as giving them a Starter Deck.

In this guide you will be told how the basics of the game, how to rank up and earn your belts, tips to beating your opponent, how to get power cards, what stamps you can earn and how to become a ninja.

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Edit: The tournament will most likely be some time this weekend when Card Jitsu is [hopefully] working properly.

As part of the official release of Card-Jitsu on Club Penguin Rewritten, RPF is going to be hosting a huge Card-Jitsu tournament.

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The Truth About UMA [unscheduled event results]

RPF is accepting UMA refugees seeking a true army. It’s depressing seeing what UMA has to offer, and I pity the few people for falling for their traps. 

I’m not surprised. Neither should any of you be. We’ve said this whole time UMA is fake, blatantly disregards inalienable laws of warfare, and is a joke. All of these claims were proven true today, by information received by the UMA Discord. See for yourself:

We suspected UMA of cheating because of the amount of penguins they had with unapproved names. The ID’s of these penguins were also very close, meaning someone likely made them at the same time. Our claims were proven correct after Pepperdude confirmed he was cheating, using multis. Nice. By the way, it definitely is cheating. There’s really no way to justify this disgusting behavior. You cheat. UMA cheats. RPF is superior.

Calling your own troops horrible? They deserve better, and they’ll definitely learn much more than properly doing tactics if they just join RPF.

UMA Surrenders

Here are pictures from the event:

(not many pictures, because it was unscheduled. But UMA knows exactly how hard they got rekt. And I’m glad it’s solely between us.)


That’s not up to us. We’ve been waiting months for you to improve. You haven’t. UMA is a lost cause and anyone who’s remotely intelligent could’ve figured that out since day one.

-Left, RPF second in command


Hello RPF,

Today we have secret intel that Card Jitsu Fire may be coming to Club Penguin Rewritten with the upcoming patch. This is not 100% certain however a person managed to get into the sfw files of CPR and find that the room for Card Jitsu Fire has already been implemented into the game! Here is a pic of what he found:

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AUSIA Unscheduled Results

Hello RPF,

Today we hosted another unscheduled training session on the server of Deep Freeze. The event was lead by Tom, Second in Command and Percy, Head General. We maxed sizes of around 20 and the tactics were fast and strong throughout the event. The server of Deep Freeze was also checked for tubas, while leading an iron curtain through the server and deemed clear of enemies. Be sure to attend the Airforce vs Navy battle later today and help your team secure a victory.


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Airforce and Navy Stats


One month ago we thought it would be cool to calculate the statistics of each branch. The fall in their sizes, the increase, and anything along those lines. Today we have released new statistics. See how much your branch has grown!

The current statistics

364 Air Force Members

344 Navy Members

Airforce victories: 4

Navy victories: 4

Airforce strength gain: +98 members since July 7th

Airforce strength gain: 37%

Navy strength gain: + 82 members since July 7th

Navy strength gain: 31%