Hello, RPF

At 2:00PM BST, our Forces were logged on for an AUSIA training session, which was a huge success with 27 RPF attending the event. This event was important as it gave mods a chance to lead and show their skill and try to improve themselves, formations were accurate and fast, tactics were great (especially in stadium).

Pictures :

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Unscheduled Cleansing of Blizzard [Results]

I logged into CPR and it spawned me in the Beach. First thing I noticed was a Tuba running to the lighthouse. Immediately, I followed. E9 bombed the whole way. As I entered the Lighthouse I saw a stage full of Tubas. One or two RPF were in there fighting. They asked me to call in backup. Reinforcements arrived within seconds, surrounding the Tubas.

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Why RPF is the best and Left Owns

*Salute* As many of you know, RPF is the best army ever. Our size is incredibly large at events, and we have outstanding formation and tactics each time. We have strong leadership and lots of rule followers. We have shown the world that we never back down, and if we fall that we will bounce back. Even if we are outnumbered, we are undefeated.  No odds can sustain us. Therefore RPF really is the best army ever.

One of our commanders, Left, has impacted RPF positively in many ways (not saying that the others haven’t). He joined on April 19th and was made commander on September 25. Left has helped RPF move into Club Penguin Rewritten and is very active. There really was no doubt on him becoming leader! Just 6 months ago, he was that private with big dreams and goals for RPF. Now look at him today, leading an army. Left has shown us that no matter how low your rank is right now, you still have a chance to reach the top if you work hard. Truly a person everyone should look up to.

Never forget that RPF is a big family! If you haven’t joined RPF yet, be sure to join today, because RPF will welcome you home. We even accept tubas who are willing to give up their ways, and want to join the family!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to fight the good fight.




Troop of the Week – #9

We’re proud to announce the ninth official Troop of the Week! Each week, we’ll be selecting one troop we find exemplifying the best model behavior and standards that everyone should idolize. The troop of the week always follows commands, never breaks rules, and is loyal to RPF! Anyone can be chosen, so long as they do those things. The troop of the week is often a very hard decision to formulate considering there are so many great soldiers so don’t feel down if you weren’t chosen this week. Anyway, without further ado…

This week’s Troop of the Week is…

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