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Hello all,

Promotions are out soon, so if you think you have met the requirements for a rank up (which could be attending events as well as being active on chat), comment down below to be eligible!

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Fight the good fight!

-Popsicle, RPF Leader


Hey RPF and any visitors!

CPU released open beta today, which includes all of the catalogs! This post will help you to discover all of the secret items in the Better Igloos Catalog, so go on and read!

To join RPF, click here! We have a mascot tracker and we have fun events daily. We’re the largest group on CPU and would love to have you join us.

There’s a lot of secrets, so get ready!

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March 2018 Penguin Style Catalog Hidden Items: Club Penguin Universe

Hello everyone!

This is our first Penguin Style Catalog hidden items post for Club Penguin Universe. This will be your guide to finding the hidden items. This month, CPU gave us a very particular Penguin Style catalog.

If you like to be notified about all the CPU News, or even join RPF, join our discord here!

Let us continue with the Hidden Items!

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March 2018 Sports Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Universe

Hello, all!

Hope you guys are having fun on the newly released Club Penguin Universe! The first Snow and Sports catalog is already here, so let’s check it out, with all the new hidden items!

Want to access more hidden secrets or join RPF? Click here to join our Discord!

Here we go!

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Club Penguin Universe: Aunt Arctic Mascot Tracker [BEST TRACKER!]

Looking for the quickest and most reliable CP Universe mascot tracker ever that is used by thousands of penguins?

We track down every mascot, including Aunt Arctic!

Mascot Tracker

Image result for aunt arctic

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Troop of the Week – #30


We’re proud to announce the thirtieth official Troop of the Week! Each week, we’ll be selecting one troop we find exemplifying the best model behavior and standards that everyone should idolize. The troop of the week always follows commands, never breaks rules, and is loyal to RPF! Anyone can be chosen, so long as they do those honorable things. The troop of the week is often a very hard decision to formulate considering there are so many great soldiers so don’t feel down if you weren’t chosen this week. Anyway, without further ado…

This week’s Troop of the Week is…

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