What Makes a Good Troop?


Everyone in RPF wants to be a good troop, and we all try to be the best troop we can be. Good troops are often rewarded for their hard work through earning promotions or receiving Troop of the Week! So what is it that makes a good troop? Here’s a list of some of the things we thought.


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Operation Blackout Club Penguin Rewritten: Rooms and Items Guide!

Hello all,

CPR released Operation Blackout today, and there are some new items (and hidden items!) available, as well as some awesome new party rooms! This is a general post that will cover all of that.

NOTE: I will be updating this post throughout the party as new rooms and new items become available. To be sure you’re caught up with the latest of the party, click here to join our discord server, where updates will be posted and announced. We also have a mascot tracker in our server so be sure to join!

Now on with the rooms and items!

Image result for operation blackout

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How to Meet Herbert (and Dot!) on Club Penguin Rewritten [MASCOT TRACKER]

Hello all,

Operation Blackout is set to be released on CPR today, and we can be expecting 2 new mascots, Herbert and Dot, at this party! Read this post to learn the BEST WAY to meet not only these mascots, but ALL MASCOTS on Club Penguin Rewritten!

Image result for herbert club penguin              Image result for dot club penguin

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Hello RPF!

Today we logged on to the server Blizzard where we faced against a large amount of tubas. Our troops were quick to log on and  we gradually increased our sizes to 19+ as the event progressed. The tubas hadn’t conceded their defeat yet and nor did our RPF troops give up easily. the event prolonged for more than 2 hours until we finally won against the tubas! Good job to all our troops for attending the event and to our mods as well!

Good job RPF!

Comment your name and rank below for a possible promotion!

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Hey RPF!

Today we logged onto Sleet for a U Lead event. Instead of owners leading like usual for events, the troops got to lead their own tactics, experiencing what it is like to lead and for future reference if an unscheduled was to ever happen without an owner being online. We maxed 30+ at this event, also ensuring everyone who attended got to lead. Good job to all who attended.

Comment below with your name and rank if you attended this event!

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Greetings RPF!

Today we had encountered a huge amount of tubas at Blizzard. We had initially started out with 6 RPF troops, but we had gradually increased our size to 15+ troops. The tubas had eventually surrendered after a long period of 45 minutes and this is yet another success for the RPF!, good job soldiers!

Comment below with your name and rank for a possible promotion!

Operation: Search Party [RESULTS]

Hello all,

Today, we logged on Sleet for Operation: Search Party, a mission to recover our missing leaders! We had a few missing owners, and our brave troops were able to find them and bring them to safety! Great job RPF!


Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader