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The Educational and Developmental Benefits of Being in RPF:

No fancy pictures or distractions, just the facts.

There are many educational and developmental benefits to joining an originally made-to-be Club Penguin army, especially RPF. In fact, several of our soldiers are home schooled and being in RPF is considered a part of their education and social skills/communications/language arts and other personal development. The RPF chat is a vital tool for development and growth of our soldiers to be applied in real life.

Being able to socialize effectively with people around you is a necessary life skill. Participating in the RPF chat is a great way to observe, learn, and practice the social rules of conversation and relating to other people in an appropriate manner. Our chat consists of many people from around the world who come together and express themselves, sharing ideas and perspectives. We learn from one another that it’s okay to be different, think differently, believe differently and that people from other cultures are great people too. It’s also a place where our soldiers find that they share common interests and beliefs from other kids around the world. Furthermore, being in our chat breaks down those uncomfortable barriers of not knowing how to act and behave in front of others we do not know or being too shy to talk with others, especially those who are “different” from who we are. Friendships are established between all people in RPF chat, no matter where you live.

In RPF chat, soldiers learn a lot of information about the world around them, political, recreational, educational, cultural, etc. They openly discuss various topics and share their views based on the information obtained. They discuss current issues from around the world as well as historical ones and analyze them for discussion. Contributing to a healthy debate and discussion is important to everyone’s growth as a person in society and a valuable life skill to have, and through the RPF chat, they learn from others how to engage in debate and discussions.

Now, we know the idea of an online chat sounds iffy. However, we have a team of professional moderators from around the world, meaning our chat is secure 24/7. Bullying, swearing, advertising unsafe sites, being inappropriate and many other things are all against the RPF rules. If anyone breaks a rule, they will be banned for a suitable amount of time. We make sure that our chat only consists of people who are looking for a fun, and safe experience; not people who are trying to prevent that.

Proper grammar is a big benefit of the RPF Chat and Site. Many people who’ve joined us began with very flawed grammatical/spelling errors,  and as time passed, exponentially improved. Communication via our chat is a fantastic way to practice spelling and punctuation while having fun! With regards to typing skills, one of RPF’s best leaders Elmikey types unbelievably fast compared to his classmates in real life. His classmates type 10-30 words per minute, but Elmikey has been timed to 138 words per minute–even faster than his own teacher! Many RPF soldiers’ typing and computer skills are more advanced than most of their classmates. So, typing skills are also developed and constantly practiced while participating in RPF.

Reading is extremely important to our soldier’s Language Arts skills too and while participating in our chat, they are constantly reading very quickly to stay in the conversation and learn things they might not know or be in a discussion. Reading the RPF site is also great practice and exposure to proper grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, essay writing structure, reporting, and others. That’s all while having fun!

Good writing skills are also learned and practiced in RPF. If the soldier is a high-ranking individual, they have the privilege to post their writings on our site. Of course, proper grammar and sentence structure, as well as essay writing skills, are encouraged and practiced. These posts vary from entertainment to factual reporting, fiction to nonfiction and even biographies or autobiographies and involve various types of writing such as narrative, descriptive, exposition, and persuasive writing.

RPF soldiers also learn political structure and protocol. CP Armies are highly organized groups of individuals who work towards a common goal. Within these groups are complex political systems and ranks. These can mimic real life and give participants an understanding of political systems worldwide and how they work, the different levels of status and duties/responsibilities of each. Following the chain of command and following directions are a valuable skill to have in RPF. Without it, we could not function as a solid, strong army. These skills are valuable in real life for the future as well as kids grow up, become more responsible, and get jobs/careers.

RPF also teaches responsibility. Within our army, we have well-established ranks. Soldiers earn promotions by doing various good things for RPF and work their way up the ladder, just like the corporate ladder in real life. RPF practices positive reinforcement as a means of rewarding, encouraging, and motivating people to improve themselves and be a better game player, since this is a game. Soldiers start out as a member of the low ranks and earn their way to being a moderator, or “mod.” Mods moderate, guard, oversee the chat, making sure everyone is following our child-friendly rules and being appropriate, as well as mediating any arguments that happen and answering questions. Mods work very hard to earn the rank of an owner in the chat. Owners are the highest you can go, the most prestigious and they have lots of responsibilities as for guarding the chat and making sure things run smoothly and child-friendly. Both mods and owners have the power to “kick” someone as a warning for breaking a rule, or the option to ban that individual with the consequences being determined by the action involved. So, there’s a lot of observation and decision-making that occurs while being a mod or an owner, as well as those ranks, reflect the duties you must perform within the army itself. Of course the higher up you are in rank, the more people look up to you and you must set a good example, be a role model for the other troops, so behavior must be appropriate and kind at all times.

Soldiers also learn and apply leadership qualities in RPF by participating in our chat. They learn from observing the leaders, how they behave, think, act, and interact, react, organize, discipline, etc. As soldiers in RPF grow with the army and actively participate over time, they see what qualities they must develop for being a good leader of a group of peers. These skills are also valuable in real life.

Teamwork is key. We may not be an athletic team, but we are a close team that works very hard together to attain a common goal, just as a sports team does. Everyone has their responsibilities and learns to work with various personality types successfully. They don’t have to like every individual in the army, if fact, they may have a conflict with some personality types, but a valuable skill applied to real life is the skill to get along with one another effectively under any circumstance or situation.

RPF is also a great place to learn and express good sportsmanship. Our soldiers learn that bragging, boasting, or being arrogant is not a valued trait or behavior. They learn that playing fairly and feeling good about the effort they put into the battle or event, and having fun is what matters. RPF encourages the practice of good sportsmanship and to get along with one another and be civil when conflicts arise or people don’t get along with one another. Again, these are favorable life skills.

Being in RPF is not only fun and rewarding, it’s educational with learning the world around us and learning/practicing language arts and socializing skills, leadership skills, as well as responsibility, teamwork, and sportsmanship. All of these are important life skills that are important for our soldiers to develop for use in real life situations and becoming productive members of our society.

If you would like to take a look at our moderated and safe chat, please click HERE. You may contact one of our leaders there if you have any further questions about RPF, and we hope that you trust us with keeping your child safe when online.


  1. Bellflowerp (RPF)

    Penguin name is BellflowerP

    Someone said a BAD WORD and she called them out by saying he needs to be banned – and SHE GOT BANNED INSTEAD???

    Who is moderating and WHO THE FLIP BANNED HER for helping follow the rules. If that moderator is on file he / she needs to be banned and retracted from working as a moderator. If he’s on staff, he / she needs to be fired.

    I want answers.

    Mike Parent of penguin: BellfowerP

  2. This page has been reposted on the RPF site as of 4/3/17

  3. Brahmdeep Singh

    Hey RPF, I’ve been with this team for over 4 years now and I want to do something like help out. I want to join your moderate team and help out with the chat or help out one of the leaders. Something where I could help this website and army. I appreciate it guys thanks for all of this.

    • Great! Glad you want to help out. Attend events and talk to the troops often in chat to show you can be active and have fun as an RPF member! Moderator ranks are usually earned through ranks and proving your loyalty to the RPF. It may take some time to become one, as moderators need to be proven to be capable soldiers and active teammates. In a way, it is also used like an award too!

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