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Today, CPR released the October version of Penguin Style! There are definitely some sp00ky items this month, so read on for all of the hidden items!

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5 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the screw on Frankenstein’s head will unlock… the black cape!

Clicking on the bee antenna will unlock… the mask!

Clicking on the golden puffle emblem on the pharaoh headdress with unlock… the ghost costume!

Clicking on the first blue flower (on the shirt) of the fairy will unlock… the roman helmet!

And lastly, clicking on the second blue flower (in the hair) of the fairy will unlock… a (female) pharaoh costume!


4 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the green jewel on the headless horseman will unlock… the extra cheesy (pizza) costume!

Clicking on the pane in the middle window will unlock… the big brow! (word to Stu).

Clicking on the gold screw on the female Frankenstein will unlock… the candy corn costume!

And finally, clicking on the 2nd candleholder will unlock… the unicorn costume! (word to my daughter Uni).


4 hidden items on this page!

Clicking on the 12 in the initial description will unlock… the viking helmet!

Click in and out of the 12 three times to unlock… the blue viking helmet!

Click on the S in classic itemto unlock… the sombrero!

Click on the blue 3D glasses lens to unlock… the ballerina costume!

And final item, click on the collar of the red polo shirt to unlock… the ballet shoes!

That’s all of the secrets for this month! Thanks for reading and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader


RPF leader. Post writer. Overall cool guy. Fight the good fight!


  1. Nice work PopCicle!

  2. Gordon Ramsay/pingu1391


  3. Thx for shoutout daddy <3

  4. where is the cow costume ?

  5. You forgot the Blue Duckie:

    Also for the guy who asked for the Cow Costume, it’s on oen of the Clown Costume’s buttons

  6. you forgot the bandana

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