Pet Shop Catalog Secrets: Club Penguin Online

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying our new home, Club Penguin Online! As you know, they have newer versions of all catalogs, even the Pet Shop catalog! Along with having more items, there’s more secret items!

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Let’s get started!

All hidden items are boxed in red!

Page 1

Click on the cookie on the left page next to the 10 Wedges of Cheese to get some special treats for your puffle, such as 10 Cookies and Pack of Gum (10)!

Page 4

Click on Rockhopper’s ship on the right page to get a Puffle Condo!

Page 7

Click on the Penguin Jester Toy on the right page to get a Water Dish!

Page 8

If there is a silver puffle, why aren’t there any silver houses? As a matter of fact, there are! Click on the sleeping blue puffle on the right page to get a Gray House!

Page 9

Maybe you don’t like the houses, want a bed instead for your silver puffle? Look no further! Click on the middle pair of Z’s on the left page to get a Gray Bed!

That’s all for this catalog, stay tuned for more secrets soon!

~Raneaosama, RPF General


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