Philosophical Friday 05/04/18

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Welcome to another Philosophical Friday with the Discussion Division! Today we’re going to be discussing the greatest argument known to man: Dogs versus Cats. Dogs and cats are the most common of household pets, with their company and loving affection melting our hearts. Many people define themselves as either a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’, but which is the best? Today we will be looking at the pros and cons of both these pets to finally decide who wins.


Dog’s are often described as ‘man’s best friend’. This is due to their loyalty and the love they give their owner. The intelligence of Dogs allows them to be trained in a way to make the ideal companion. As such, Dog’s are often companions to those with various disability needs, including guide dogs. Dogs are very energetic creatures that need regular exercise, thus requiring a lot of care and attention. They need to be washed on a regular basis, taken for walks, be fed and cleaned up after. In return, dogs offer their owners great companionship and show their clear love through their excitement at seeing their owner. Dogs are also good for protecting the home, they warn against intruders, some of which will even attack an unknown intruder. However, this can also lead to problems with some dogs being violent and harming human beings (though this is rare). Overall, dogs are wonderful friends to have that take care of you, in return for you taking care of them.


Representing Team Dog is Left’s pupper


Cats are very inquisitive creatures, and can vary from being incredibly loving, to solitary. They are often loved for their quiet company, and their short outbursts of silliness. Cats are very low maintenance animals as they merely need to be provided with; food and drink, a place to sleep and access to outside. They are able to wash themselves with their tongues due to backward facing spines covering the surface of their tongues that act as a brush. They are very flexible creatures that allows them to jump to high places, and squeeze into small areas, alongside helping them reach particularly difficult places when grooming. The main sign of affection cats show is their purring noise, however it is argued that this does not show their love for their owners. Cats are often accused of being disloyal, as some have been known to leave their families, or have multiple families at one time. However, these situations could be a result of cats getting lost, or simply being too greedy. Despite their flaws, cats can be wonderful companions that make lovely household pets.

Representing Team Cat is Daniellem’s catto


Now it’s time for the verdict!

Do you own any dogs or cats, if so how many?

Would you consider yourself a dog or cat person?

Do you think dogs or cats are the better pet?


Whether you are a dog or a cat person, remember there are thousands of homeless animals waiting in shelters for a good home to go to. If you or your family decide to get a pet, please consider rescuing an abandoned animal in a shelter that is waiting for a loving home.


Fight the Good Fight!




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  1. I dont own a cat or dog, but i truly like them. I think I like more a dog or a cat depending on what to compare. Sometimes, the unique personality of cats is what makes me love them more, but usually the truly companionship of dogs is what takes the edge for me. I consider it more important than cats itself. There isnt an animal as truly as devotional as a dog, so for that, I would have to say dogs.

  2. I own two cats – one is shown of course!!

    I can’t really choose. I don’t own a dog but I LOVE dogs, and pet one whenever I get the chance (as well as dogsit them). On the other hand, I love my cats and they mean the world to me.

    I think it depends on the person and the situation! For an elderly person who can’t take care of a dog, a cat might be better, but for an active person who can handle the responsibility, a dog might be the best!

    Either way they are both great animals that I love =^.^=

  3. I have one dog, a Chihuahua that happens to be very nice to people.

    Idk whether I consider myself a dog or cat person.

    I’m undecided, I like dogs and cats.

  4. 1. I own 2 dogs.

    2. Mix of both.

    3. Depends on the person.

  5. I have three dogs and one cat! I consider myself a cat person because although I love both, I’ve always loved cats since I was a little girl and I’ve had my cat for a longer time than any of my dogs so that made me have a preference for them more. I think depending on who you are it depends on whether cats or dogs are better. But for me, I like cats better because they’re so cute and like to cuddle. I also think dogs are the better pet because they’re more playful and are cute just like cats are. It’s a hard choice to make for me!

  6. dogs cats are the devil

  7. Q1A: We own 2 dogs and 2 cats and they and they don’t always start a fight so that’s good

    Q2A: I think i am more of a cat person cause i like cats more

    Q3A: I think dogs and cats are an equal house pet because there is a chance that this owner is allergic to either cat or dog so they get an animal which they aren’t allergic to

  8. I got a doggo
    All animals r pretty cool
    depends on the person

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