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Here, you need to comment your opinion below! There is no right or wrong answer. Just say what you think! This week’s question is:

What does our tagline, “Fight the Good Fight”mean to you? Why do you think it is our tagline?

Comment your thoughts down below! If you have your own idea of what next week’s question should be, feel free to tell us! We will credit you if it’s really good!


Fight The Good Fight


  1. Fight the good fight is a motto that makes us whole as a community. I think its a saying that applies for tactics, like showing we all belong to the same group. For me, it means and speaks RPF.

  2. bald waldo is back in the chat
    i think we use it and it means that instead of just watching others fight for a better world u should fight whit em and fight for what u think is right

  3. Fight the Good Fight means for me to continue doing good and supporting the good. Fight means like to fight against people who aren’t that friendly. Good means you should always do good in RPF and never do anything evil despite the fact others do.

    It is our tagline as we like to make others to do good and fight for the good whereas fighting for unfriendly people. FTGF fits us as we do fight the good fight and we support the good.

    This is really a good catchphrase for us and would pretty much be our phrase which shows us how we can support others


  4. I think next weeks question should be “What do you think about CPR’s closure and our move to CPU?”

  5. Fight the good fight means that we always stay strong and continues to fight, but not without reason. We fight for the good of all penguins (lol) and we stay united. We don’t fight because we feel like it, we fight the GOOD fight!

  6. Fight the good fight, is the fight that it’s worth of fighting. It’s about fighting for your rights and people. Fighting the good fight, is meant for me, to fight for something that is worth it for you, that you will fight for it. In that fight, you wont be alone. There will be more by your side, fighting for the same thing with you. This fight will be till it’s done. Till it goes to maximum and ends like you thought. For the RPF, this tagline is perfect, as it resembles our group together doing tactics and showing the world that we want to have fun in the game and our life. We fight the good fight every day, together.

  7. i think it means we fight for the right thing and we have fun doing it

  8. “Fight the good fight” or for short “FTGF” is a motto to be followed by all members of the RPF. Here’s a quote I believe in “Independence is my happiness, and I view things as they are, without regard to place or person; my country is the world, and my religion is to do good.”
    In my opinion “Fight the good fight” means fighting for the righteous thing. RPF stands great and undefeated in front of the wrong doers. RPF has always given all it’s members right to freedom and equality. It is worth fighting for good instead of backing out.

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