Practice Battle Against IH – Raided by AR [RESULTS]

Hello, Rebels.

Today, the Rebel Penguin Federation logged onto Tuxedo for a practice battle against Ice Hounds but only moments after logging in, we got raided by AR. RPF maxed sizes of 22 and successfully managed to beat both IH and AR united. I don’t get how AR couldn’t just wait for tomorrow’s practice battle, but they still went back to Toboggan with a loss in their hands. No one can beat RPF. RPF is strong. Anyways, good job to all Rebels who attended. Comment if you came!



-Luis, RPF Leader


  1. me and zot attended

  2. I was there ;O

  3. 2 of the pics I can’t see. But other than that, I attended and we ROCKED!

  4. I was there!!!!

    RPF Victory!!!

  5. I attended. Great job everyone. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  6. I was there

  7. 4 hours later….FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Thanks Pandibear and Jingersnap! I got interrupted badly….so I only managed to do about half of the tactics (redface).

  8. ||๖ۣۜYᴇɴᴀᴡᴀ|| RPF 4ɪᴄ ★

    i attended. fight the good fight.

  9. Ɓυмвυвaввℓє

    I attended but I had to go at some point of the practice battle. Fight the good fight 🙂

  10. Oh my poor name its ruined o

  11. 1:30am = 1:30pm in my country :C

  12. Great job guys! We are the rebels! Sadly for the next few days, I have to go on leave for spring break. I will be back!
    – Dogs

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