Progression of the AUSIA Project [A Few Thoughts]

Hello all

4 days have gone by since the Project: Rise Of AUSIA had begun and I am happy to say that the project has been going smoothly. Even though we reached a size of 60+ troops last Sunday followed by 3 recent events, in which we exceeded 30+ troops, we still have to maintain this important factor of consistency. We still have a few more days until the project ends, so let us all give it our best effort and continue to succeed each day by maxing no less than 30 until the special event that will be taking place this Sunday. This Sunday will be the last and final day of the AUSIA Project. This event will be similar to last Sunday’s event, only this time I want us to reach far and beyond and aim for a massive 70+!

I am definitely confident to say that we will reach this size and will forever reach even beyond. With that said, I want every one of you to attend this Sunday’s event because every single one of you matters, whether you are a recruit, private, private first class, etc, you still matter as your efforts will be accounted for because this event will have to be marked as a very significant spot in the Dragon Age of RPF history, given that we reach the 70+ goal. Be sure to attend this important event RPF. Let us strive to achieve the best, together.

~TheNightma3e, RPF 2ic & AUSIA Leader



Why so serious?



  2. I will attend Sunday, Fight the good fight and LET’S MAKE AUSIA GREAT AGAIN!!

  3. Well said Night! Let’s hit 70+!

  4. 𝓔𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓪𝓻𝓷𝔂𝓙𝓮𝔃

    I wil attend Sunday… Maybe.

  5. I will be attending Sunday, Im already hyped for this! FTGF

  6. Princeofmom {Cosmo}


  7. Nice! Hope to make for this one tho.

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