Hello all,

Today, a bunch of troops have been promoted due to their hard work in RPF! If you weren’t promoted, it was because…

1. You aren’t active enough to warrant a promotion.

2. You don’t comment on event results and/or the ‘do you want a promotion’ post! (start doing it!).

3. Your rank is high, therefore it is difficult to get promoted easily.

4. You were accidentally missed. If this is true, comment down below!

Now, here are this weeks promotions!

To find your name on the list without the hassle, do CTRL + F or CTRL + Find depending on your OS

Promotions (45)

 Quisqueya (second lieutenant to first lieutenant)
Merio (private first class to corporal)
PranavJH (sergeant major to scout medic)
Liam.J.D (private to private first class)
JackDavies (private to private first class)
JTG24 (corporal to sergeant)
RPF GUY (scout medic to second lieutenant)
leop0509 (private first class to corporal)
Famousskater (Private to private first class)
MicKnight98 (private to private first class)
Reyder (private to corporal) [double promo]
Chausie (private to private first class)
Pesto (sergeant to master sergeant)
CIEL (private to private first class)
PenguinIsLit (private to private first class)
RPF Unicorn (sergeant major to scout medic)
JJ alpha wolf (first lieutenant to major)
YellowPen29 (second lieutenant to first lieutenant)
PrimalPeng (private first class to corporal)
Kritin2345 (private to private first class)
ANME2002 (scout medic to second lieutenant)
YoshiFan (sergeant major to scout medic)
LukeH (private first class to colonel)
3intimidator (scount medic to second lieutenant)
Tuninha (private first class to corporal)
SunGamer (sergeant to master sergeant)
Quack-Attack (private to private first class)
FanSite (private to private first class)
Cooldude157 (corporal to sergeant)
Corky127 (private to private first class)
N3twork (private to private first class)
Keemyorg (second lieutenant to first lieutenant)
Cubester (private to private first class)
WeeaboWaddle (private first class to corporal)
Flynn1111 (second lieutenant to major) [double promo]
P17189 (corporal to sergeant)
Coolguy1608 (master sergeant to sergeant major)
Mindy4IsBack (second lieutenant to first lieutenant)
GodGabo (private to private first class)
AlmondsJoys (master sergeant to sergeant major)
Presentman360 (corporal to sergeant)
Overlord01 (private first class to corporlal)
Primodh (private to private first class)
RoseTyler (sergeant major to second lieutenant) [double promo]
Ddewing (major to colonel)
Biffer (brigadier general to major general)

Demotions (2)

Taetaer (Lieutenant General to Major General) 

JT (Major General to Brigadier General) 

That’s all for this weeks promos! Be sure that you comment on event results weekly so we know you attended! If you feel you deserve a promotion this week but didn’t receive one, comment down below! If you’d like to challenge your demotion, comment down below as well!

The ranks page will be updated after the active count has finished.

Thanks for reading and fight the good fight!

Tom, Second in command


  1. wow I’m getting promoted so fast

    um Tom, u made a mistake, I’m 1st lieutenant now 🙂

  2. I was missed i was pretty active i think and i attended 4 events i hope that worth the next rank TOM

  3. I was missed to I’m active and join events
    (if I can due to my work schedule)
    Congrats on those who got promoed though

  4. I was missed cmon like twice right now…

  5. WeabooWaddle/Weebwad

    Yayyy thank you!!!

  6. Thanks for giving me promotion! Congratulations to everyone else who got a promotion

  7. Ty for the promo! Wd to everybody else tooooooo!

  8. I was missed

  9. never mind i didnt see it 🙂

  10. my activity level is (10)
    but I asked for a promotion long ago that was my mistake
    I am sorry
    congrats to everyone who got promoted doe

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