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Shiny Edit: It’s amazing to come back and see so many rebels being promoted! THE RANKS HAS BEEN UPDATED. CONGRACULATIONS TO ALL REBELS WHO HAVE BEEN PROMOTED! 

Update: piggypoma666, and Lebmont123 have been promoted as well.

Note: Promotions will take at least 24 hours to get updated on the ranks page

Hello, Rebels

So, I’m sure you’ve all been waiting a long time for this promotion post. It’s been a while since there was an actual promotion post. This week hasn’t been too eventful because of CPR getting hacked, however, once it got back up we had lots of fun defeating the evil Tubas.

If you did not get promoted, you’re either not active enough, you don’t comment on the results posts, or you’ve been breaking too many chat rules to be promoted to a higher spot with more responsibility.


Matthewguin: Private → Private First Class

Left: Huge Promotion to Brigadier General

CP_Vet: Private First Class → Sergeant (Congratulations on double promotion)

Rorie: Brigadier General → Major General

Mialolipop1: Corporal → Sergeant 

Jimmer: Private → Corporal (Congratulations on double Promotion)

Justinz11: Private → Corporal (Congratulations on double Promotion)

Mrman2610: Private → Private First Class

Skipper8888: Private → Private First Class

Littleponx: Private → Private First Class

ulysses: Private First Class → Corporal

A1TERED: Major → Brigadier General (Congratulations on double promotion)

NKM9: Private → Private First Class

Lebmont123: Private → Private First Class

Piggypoma666: Private→ Private First Class

It is highly recommended that if you feel you deserved a promotion but didn’t receive you to comment down below. There’s a big chance you can receive one if you comment.



Hello! I'm Chip. I am currently one of the three RPF leaders!


  1. Congratulations to anyone who got a promotion. To those who did not, be sure to comment down below or be more active!

  2. Joined April 2nd 🙂

  3. thank you for my double promotion, it means a great deal to me! I have soo much from fighting the good fight. I’m fine with just helping out with the community, but it’s nice to get a promo in return.

    Sincerely, ya boi Stell AKA CP_VET

  4. I feel like I deserve a promotion to leader.

    Lol JK, thanks for the promotion!

  5. Congratulations Everyone!

  6. I am promoted too although my name is not stated 😛 NVM. Thanks for pormotion!

    Trusty 5IC of AUSIA

  7. Is it possible to get promoted even if u only join the weekend war? Time zones suck :/

  8. Congrats all rebels who fight good fight.

  9. i’m not asking for a promotion. on the private section my name is spelled wrong (if that is not someone else) it says piggypoma66 but it should be 666

    • ♠๖ۣۜSнιηу♠ [RƤƑ Rebel Commander]

      I have updated your name on the ranks page to Piggypoma666. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  10. Oh yeah I’m walking to the right path to become leader. Owner line HERE I COME!!!!

  11. I’d like a promotion (wary). I was on xat for about 6 hours every day, so that’s dedication. Couldn’t visit any events that were at 8pm EST as I live in EU, but I was on every single event that was at 3pm EST. I manually recruited 6 troops. I believe I deserve a 4ic, but it don’t matter as I am here for the sake of the army. A promotion would be nifty, but I am not standing on my knees. But still, it would be cool.

  12. The event was lit. Sure I couldn’t be there the entire time, but I felt the connection between every single soldier. When I was at the town before the battle, I found out that this group isn’t just for war. Its also an amazing bonding experience for everybody. This isn’t a promotion request. I just felt like I was part of the group.

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