PSA Missions: Avalanche Rescue [Walkthrough]

Hi everyone!

Today I will be helping you complete “Avalanche Rescue“, the fourth PSA Training Mission!

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Click here to find the previous mission, Case of the Missing Coins!

Let’s get started!

First off, if you are not an EPF agent yet, click here to find out how to become one!

Now, if you don’t know where the PSA missions are, go to the EPF Command Room by clicking the yellow button at the bottom of your spy phone.Then go to the Missions area in the bottom right corner of the Command Room.

When the complete list of Training Missions shows up, click Avalanche Rescue!

When you’re ready to begin, press Start Mission!

The mission opens to you arriving in HQ and you are expected to talk to Gary. Click on him to talk to him about the incident. He tells you that four penguins are trapped on a cliff and it’s your job to save them! You’ll need to find a life preserver shooter and something to “reel” them in.

Make sure to ask Gary “Where can I find the life preserver shooter? so he can give you access to the Gadget Room.

Go into the Gadget Room to find the life preserver shooter.

Go to the right of the Gadget Room until you find this bookshelf. Click the life preserver shooter on the third rack and add it into your inventory.

Now that you have the life preserver shooter, you can leave HQ to find something to “reel”.

When you go outside to the Ski Village, to your left is a crying penguin. Click them to help out. Turns out, they are sad because the ski lift is broken and they need your help to fix it! Make sure to click “I can take a look and see what I can do.” to accept the quest.

Before looking for a suitable fix to the ski lift, make sure to pick up the mysterious white tuft of fur! Gary will want to see it later!

For the ski lift, you have to find a belt. Go into the Winter Sport Shop and go to the right until you find a green, winking penguin mannequin. Take the belt off of it and add it into your inventory.

Go back outside and click the ski lift. Open your inventory and drag the belt to it to repair it!

After you repair it, the penguin becomes happy again! When you click on them, they thank you for your help! You will get a special gift later for assisting.

With that out of the way, let’s get the other parts of the gadget to save those penguins! Go to the Ski Lodge to pick up the fishing pole and add it to your inventory.

Next, go to the Lighthouse to pick up the rope and add it to your inventory.

Don’t leave the Lighthouse yet! Go upstairs to the Beacon and unscrew the bolt holding the telescope using the wrench in your spy phone. Once you have it, add it to your inventory.

Now that you have all of the parts, go to upstairs to Gary’s Room in the Winter Sport Shop.

Take the telescope out of your inventory and attach it to the tripod.

Click the telescope to use it. When it opens, you will see lots of paths that end up leading to the stuck penguins. This shows you what paths to take when finding the penguins later. The paths vary and are not the same every time you do the mission. Remember which paths to take now because if you get one wrong, you will have to start over from the beginning.

Once you got them all memorized, head over to the Mountain. You are now going to go down the different paths to get to the lost penguins. Click on the bottom left corner to begin. Here’s a tip: to use the map from the telescope correctly, flip it upside down!

Don’t forget! The paths vary so it might not be the same as shown below!

Now that you’ve made it through the paths, it’s time to save the penguins! Build your gadget by combining the life preserver shooter and the fishing pole. Once that’s done, combine that with the rope to finish your contraption!

Now you’re ready to save those penguins! Drag the contraption to the broken part of the fence to begin!

It’s you to the rescue! The first step is to break the branches out of the way so you can reach the penguin on the ledge under it. Move the life preserver over the branches and click for it to drop down and get them out of the way.

The branches are out of the way, but you still can’t reach the penguin on the ledge! Move the life preserver above the penguin on the tree branch in the middle. Click to have them grab on to the life preserver.

Now that you have extra support, move the life preserver above the penguin on the ledge. Click to have them grab on the first penguin.

To get the third penguin, you have to move the branch out of the way. Move the life preserver over the branch and click to place a penguin on it to make more room.

Move the life preserver a little to the right and give yourself room so you don’t hit the branch. Click to dive down and grab the third penguin.

Time to retrieve the penguin on the branch! Move the life preserver over the penguin on the branch and click to grab them.

To save the fourth penguin, move the life preserver over to the ledge with the boulder. Click three times to drop all three penguins down so they can push the boulder and launch the fourth penguin on a ledge where you can reach them.

We’re so close, this is the last step to saving all of the penguins! Use the life preserver to pick up all three penguins again and move them slightly over to the right, close to the branch. Click for them to drop down and grab the fourth penguin, completing the rescue!

The rescue may be complete, but not the mission! You are now back on the Mountain. Put the contraption back in your inventory.

Now that you’ve gotten the penguins back to safety, Gary wants to talk to you. Click on him to talk to him. He congratulates you for your brave accomplishment and then tells you about a strange connection between the fur and paw prints that were previously found. When he asks if you found anything unusual, reply with “Yes I did. I found this white fur at the ski lift.” Gary will then ask you to give it to him.

Take the mysterious white tuft of fur out of your inventory and give it to Gary. He tells you he will conduct some tests on it and thanks you again for you hard work.

Congratulations! You finished mission 4, Avalanche Rescue! You were rewarded with 45 medals, a Medal of Excellence and a gift for fixing the ski lift! Click “Get Medal” to receive your Medal of Excellence and “Get Gift” to receive your gift.

That’s all for now, keep your eye out for the next mission posts!

~Raneaosama, RPF Brigadier General


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