Rebel Bot Icon Contest [RESULTS!]

Greetings RPF,


Today, it is my pleasure to be announcing the winners of the rebel bot icon contest! This contest involved you to design a new icon for Rebel Bot (Our RPF Bot). For more information about the contest, click here. We had loads of great designs for Rebel Bot, however, only 3 people could get medals and one would get theirs used as Rebel Bots new icon. The contest team have analysed the submissions and have decided the three medalists, first, second and third.

The winner, winning the artist role, 5000 rebelcash and their image used as Rebel Bot’s icon is… 


In second place, winning 2500 rebelcash is…



In third place, with an award of 1000 Rebelcash is…


Congrats to all that won and well done to all that participated in the contest! Be sure to keep an eye out for our next contest!



  1. Congrats to everyone who participated

  2. Well done everyone!

  3. Awesome work! Congrates to these three amazing artists.👏🏼

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