Removal of Elmikey – Introduction of Justice

Hello all,

As you’ve probably heard by now, Elmikey has been removed from the RPF leadership after refusing to step down peacefully (more on that at the bottom of the post). In this post, I’ll be doing an in-depth examination of why Elmikey was removed. Bear with me as there is a lot of content in this post and you’ll understand best if you read it all thoroughly.

Just to be clear, we will not discredit what Elmikey has done for RPF. He was once a great leader.

Update: We tried to keep this post as short as possible, there is still a lot of things we can say about Elmikey. If needed, we will make a part two. 

For as long as I’ve been in RPF (over 16 consecutive months now), Elm has always been the ‘top dog’. I never truly knew what that entailed until I got into the ownership and eventually the leadership, where I was working with Elm closely and starting to understand him more. Elm is a legitimate dictator, and puts his ego above RPF. He is perfectly willing to throw out anyone, even if they have put years of hard work into RPF while he’s sat around doing minimal work, and claiming to bring RPF glory. He only cares about RPF’s success because he believes it will add to his name, not because he actually cares about any of the troops, staff, or the army itself. I’ll go into the specifics of all of Elm’s lies and tyranny so hopefully you can all see why we made this decision.

The Constraints of Elmikey’s Dictatorship

I’m sure a substantial number of you have seen Elm say he’s a “ruthless brutal dictator” or some similar nonsense. For example:

You might’ve thought he was just being funny, or maybe it was an exaggeration, but unfortunately it wasn’t. As much of a dictatorship that could possibly exist in a Club Penguin army did, and Elm had the ability to do absolutely anything he wanted, despite his inactivity and lack of knowledge on how RPF was functioning. Elm had no problem abusing his power to allow his “friends” to gain special access or privileges despite their serial rule breaking, anti-RPF rhetoric, or a variety of other reasons. But if anyone else dared to cross Elm OR one of his “friends” ever so slightly, even if it was a very minor offense, they could easily be thrown away or banned for being “anti-RPF”, when in reality they were just anti-abuse. It wouldn’t matter who it was. It could be a mod. It could be Left, Chip, or myself (yes, he tried to throw away all 3 of us at times despite us carrying him and his army for over a year. More on that later). Anyway, my point is Elm did not care about RPF’s best interest, he only cared about protecting his supposedly God-like image. Elm’s unfortunate view of RPF and himself is well-explained in Lord Pain’s retirement post (6th paragraph on), which can be found by clicking here. Pain himself used to be a dictator which can be viewed very similarly to Elm, however Pain changed his ways. Pain has been calling for Elm to change, but Elm has not.

Elmikey’s Disloyalty to Owners and Leaders

As I stated earlier, Elm has repeatedly attempted to banish vital RPF owners and leaders, for no good reason at all. Elm expects devout loyalty from leaders, staff, and members alike, but he’s unwilling to return the favor to those who have helped him out the most.

Elm has tried to remove Chip, Left, and I from positions of power before. He attempted to remove Left after Elm disagreed with a democratic decision that the ownership made. He was completely willing to throw someone away who has put hundreds of hours into RPF, just so he could maintain his dictatorship, which should have never existed in the first place. Similarly, he treated Chip, who has been one of the greatest RPF leaders of the new generations, like he was completely meaningless. Chip wanted to rejoin but Elm initially refused as he saw this as a threat to his power. Again, Elm was willing to throw away a loyal leader who had rose RPF solely to maintain his dictatorship. As for me, he actually tried to demote Twitchy and I back in July, for no apparent reason. He told Chip that we shouldn’t be leaders, but Chip backed us up and convinced Elm that we held value. Our value would have been obvious to Elm if he had actually been active in the army, but he hasn’t truly been responsible for any part of RPF’s rise this year. These are not the only examples of Elm throwing out valuable RPF owners, but they are some of the most relevant to the current age.

Another disgusting example of Elmikey’s abuse of power can be traced all the way back to 2015. Xxtoysoldier, and Drake (former RPF leaders) had said “Elm is not the King”, and because of this, Elm had fired them both. He completely disregarded all of the hard work the new leadership had put in – RPF at the time was at the best it had been in many months, and because Elm’s reputation had been threatened, he fired the 2 leaders for suggesting he was not the sole dictator. Here’s a picture showing what Drake had to say (he had a break from school due to cancer treatment, therefore putting countless hours into RPF), about his removal:

Here is a quote of another former RPF leader that got overthrown.

Here is a picture of the ranks after he got overthrown. As you can see, Elmikey restored his ‘king’ rank. Pathetic. (This is back in 2015)

Here is just a little of what many people thought of Elmikey back in 2013-2016.

Elmikey’s Repeated Transgressions

In this section, I’ll be going into a plethora of examples that display Elmikey’s abusive and inappropriate behavior. Elm banning someone for no reason, talking about drugs or alcohol, and trying to assert himself as a dictator were all becoming daily occurrences, which is something that cannot be tolerated. Leaders must follow the rules too.

This picture epitomizes Elm’s viewpoint. He believes it’s about him, not the army itself.

Here, Elm demonstrates the lack of democracy in RPF. This relates to the earlier section about throwing away owners, as he tried to do the same to Robot back in 2015.

This is a prime example of Elm abusing for his friends despite their rule-breaking. He gets called out for unbanning Clout by a moderator doing their job, but he just reacts with “idc”, displaying his utter lack of respect for everyone ranked lower than him.

After multiple occasions of this occurring, Elm decided to make a rule that disallows anyone from inquiring as to why he banned someone. He clearly does not want his abuse to be questioned, even though it was obvious to everyone.

In this picture Elm demands a movie called Matilda for RPF movie night. He is not so fond of the normal process of troops voting on a movie apparently. He was not happy when we played the winning movie instead of Matilda, even though Elm didn’t even show up. He also deleted #help-desk simply because “he didn’t see it”, despite it being used by many new members for help daily.

Here Elm shows how a former leader and current second in command (who he just demoted to private for undoing his abuse), gets no respect from Elm, and can easily be thrown away for simply trying to enforce the rules.

Above are a couple of instances of Elm trying to instate “diplomatic immunity”, despite the immune parties causing constant problems on chat.

The last thing I’ll talk about here is the fact that Elm is constantly talking about drugs and alcohol, which is clearly against the rules and inappropriate for RPF chat. As you can see he freely talks about doing these sorts of things all the time, which is unacceptable. I have probably found 300+ instances of Elm doing this sort of thing in about 10 minutes of searching chat.

NOTE: These are not the only scenarios of clear abuse by Elm. I didn’t want this post to go on forever so I stopped here, but we quite literally have hundreds of other instances that display this reoccurring problem.

The Perception of Elmikey

You all probably viewed Elm in different ways. I’ve seen plenty of people who have called out Elm for his misdoings, for example:

I have also seen people saying he’s allowed to abuse “because he’s Elm” or “because he’s the main leader.” This was true at the time because Elm had power over everyone, but now all of the leaders are equal. We will hold each other accountable. And the army will be entirely democratic. Abuse should not happen at all from this point forward and the rules will always be enforced.

We did not do this because we hate Elmikey. He was very valuable to RPF back in the day. However we could not stand seeing our hard work get tarnished by Elm every time he opened his mouth on main. With Commando’s permission, we asked him to step down peacefully, and he refused.

Our conversation with RPF creator, commando717

We then decided to contact Elmikey and make this process as peaceful as possible.

Here’s how it went down:



So unfortunately it had to come to this. We would never do something that we didn’t believe was in the best interest of the whole army. I hope this has given you some clarity on this decision, and I hope you continue to be great troops.

Elmikey will try and regain his dictatorship. We recommend you all block him on discord to avoid getting chat recruited.

Chip edit: I hope you guys all understand. Our intention is to make RPF a completely democratic army. The army will be run by the people who are in RPF. Elmikey did not want that. I had enough of Elmikey destroying our hard work.

Tom edit: With the whole ownership on our side I think it was an obvious choice and a choice that was made in order to help push forward RPF and no longer be held back

Junie edit: I truly do believe everything was justified for the good of the Rebel Penguin Federation. I’ve had this in my mind for a very long time—something’s been holding the RPF back, and now I’ve finally come to understand what exactly that something was.

Left edit: Was overdue, and since elm refused to change we had to do it for him. was for the betterment of RPF and now we can truly FTGF


Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader, and the RPF Ownership






  2. Finally!

  3. I have left RPF in July 2017, for many different reason. This evening I heard about Elm getting banned. I was in total shock. Back when I joined RPF in May 2017 Elmikey helped me a lot. Through out my progress and hardships in RPF Elm. defended me when i was right and others didnt agree. The proof and photos provided above truly doesnt sound like the Elm. i got to know. This is very shocking to me. I always respected everyone in the RPF and even though i left months ago i will always have respect for this army. Im truly sorry that this has happened. i still cant believe that elmikey acted like this.I know that most of the leaders/mods of RPF do not like me or may not remember me, but just know that i am truly sorry. FTGF!

  4. Reyder edit: I don’t disagree with this, I think it is an inevitable thing to not hinder RPF advancements. I’m just worried that although you did acknowledge in the post Elm will most likely try to (if he hasn’t already) start a war to, as he would put it,”Regain his rightful position,” or something like that. I know I have read this post thoroughly, and that this is a historical point in the RPF timeline, which is why I am worried that although we have a strong community and staff that Elm has had this happen before in WRPF, and managed to, although I don’t know full details, regain it through spy infiltration and usurping other armies. I have a bad feeling about this situation, as I feel like history may repeat itself, but I hope the outcome differs from the past. I may just be paranoid, and Elm’s attempts to start a new army or overtake another one may not work or even happen. Only time can tell.

    • everytime Elm has taken over another army, they already had a good backing (DW, LT)
      Plus, his rightful position definitely isn’t as dictator. That isn’t a rightful position for anyone. We’re hoping this coup, which we put much consideration into, improves RPF substantially – and from here on out we can now say democracy reigns.
      He can try to backstab RPF if he wants to but it will just further prove our points.

  5. Honeslty me and many otherRPF have felt this too, this has been a long time coming. I witnessed elmikeys struggle for power from 2014-2015, and its nice to see this post done right. YES elm has done alot for RPF, BUT, he refuses to acknowledge change in RPF and continues to be a bad leader. I stand by the best for RPF, and elm is not the best for rpf sadly.
    Continue to fight the good fight everyone ~ Always

  6. This was most likely a long awaited event. Elm could of been a good leader if he didn’t do this. I see your point clearly and agree with it.

  7. From a guy who used to hate elm- yall are idiots.
    I love how you spent YEARS saying Elm is the greatest leader of all time, then all of a sudden, NOPE HES A HORRIBLE PERSON OMGMFJKSAMFSAFS. Also, NONE of you would be in a leadership role in this army. While me and the other UMA leaders would make fun of elm, this is more a big FU to elm. Also, remember what happened last time he was overthrown?
    He led DW and LT to HUGE sizes.

    • And, no, I’m not saying he’s going to lead again. Another thing that happened: RPF fell tremendously.

    • People are coming out with their opinions now, cuz they dont feel scared to speak out loud about how they feel about Elm. Most of rpf has had the same opinion, its just that ppl are too ignorant, or scared to publicly come out and say “i hate elm, or i dont like elm”. Yes this is a big FU to elm, cuz most of us are tired of his shit dictator attitude.

    • Allow me to give you a history lesson.
      1. Why didn’t DW fall when Elm was couped?
      2. Why didn’t LT fall when Elm was couped?
      3. Why did RPF fall every time he was couped in the past?
      When Elm led DW + LT, there was a strong leadership behind him. He wasn’t the only one who was contributing, which is what he vastly was doing in the days of his RPF coups. When he was couped in RPF, this can be seen in every instance, he was backed by people who didn’t recruit. Instead by people who would rather have RPF die than live on in a tyrannical state.
      RPF doesn’t rely on a single autotyper anymore, and even if we did we’d still thrive. It can only get better from here.

  8. Fight the Good Fight

  9. While I have not been in the RPF to see Elm’s actions first hand, I believe that the choice you made was a good one based off the examples.

  10. I believe this was the right decision for RPF, and probably for Elm too. Elmikey was a great leader once, but he hasn’t led RPF for a long time. When I receive Troop of the Week he told me congratulations and that he hadn’t even realised I’d got it. He was out of the loop, and has been for a long time. It saddened me to watch young troops who were genuinely afraid to say anything against him, and those who did got banned almost immediately. His ‘leadership’ also led to many troops thinking that leaders don’t have to follow the rules, only troops. Surely a leader of a great army such as RPF should be showing his troops how to follow the rules by doing so himself? Elmikey failed to do this multiple times. I think this was the best decision for RPF and we can finally rise from the darkness.

    Note to Elm: If you are reading this I would fully implore you to take this opportunity to create something great for yourself in the real world and leave Club Penguin armies to the past as a fond memory. You’re an adult now, it’s time to enter the adult world.


  11. “Elmikey did nothing wrong”

  12. Quacky McQuackFace

    uhhhhhhhh i think elm iz a big meanie face becuz he band me cuz i sent him a screenshot talking about drugs and thats a big no no and then he banned me for exposing him :c

  13. I hated Elm he was so disrespectful When I told him my uncle died and Elm told me that “one ones cares and i don’t care about your uncle and i’m not promoting you because your crying over your uncle”I was 12 when he told me this.I’m glad he is gone and I hope he never comes back. Thank you for trying to tell him to step down he is getting what he deserves it.See you all on CPR fight the good fight!

  14. I think Elmikey became a doot doot dunderhead. That’s all I must say.

  15. Elm is a savage

  16. I’m actually in shock about all this I haven’t been in rpf as long as most people here and I didn’t know that much about elm but from what I knew about him this definitely isn’t what I thought he was doing he seemed like a nice guy I have seen him talking about being a brutal dictator but I always thought he was joking so I ignored it but from what I read here elm brought this on himself and I feel like this was the right way to go

    • I feel the same. RIP Elm, I know I will miss you. I still remember everything that I used to do here, and how we were friends and you would lead us to victory. But all good things have an end, and eventually leaders, ruling forever, will overstep their own boundaries.

      Elm, once you have healed from this wound, take the opportunity to reach out in other worlds. Your life has still hardly begun, so go explore the world!

  17. RIP Elm you were a great RPF Leader I never expected this from you and I really respected you. FTGF!

  18. Well even tho I known elmikey as a great coma,Nader back in 2015 and now in 2017, I can’t let someone abuse democracy, at least we protected our democracy

  19. I had no idea this was going on. gr8 j0b th0 FTGF

  20. I used to be in the RPF back in 2012. I kept rejoining and quitting lots of times until now. I always felt it unfair, but I was there long enough to already to Elmikey was a total jerk. I put most of my childhood into the RPF and I didn’t even go up a role once. I didn’t even know Elmikey much until 2016. Back then though, when stuff happened in chat, drama, fights, arguements, it always ended in demotions, kicks, bans. I didn’t talk much about in chat either because I knew Elm enough back then to know that he would kick me from xat chat. When we moved over to Discord it was huge. And throughout the RPF, he was barely online or even in chat or “leading.” He was low enough to make his own role. Elmikey was a total commie and people nicknamed him that behind his back. During 2016, I though Elm changed. He seemed more social, online, and actually a “leader.” I guess I was just wrong. He showed the common people of the RPF that he was nice, but to the staff, totally different. All in all though, I see this decision as a step foward for the RPF. Everything has changed, some changes I think are for the better.. Especially this one.

  21. Ive only been apart of the RPF for about a month so I never saw any of this happening. It seems like you guys did the best thing for the RPF and that’s all that matters. The RPF is a strong army that can only continue to grow if under the right leadership. You did what you needed to to ensure the future of this Federation. I’m proud to be apart of the RPF and looking forward to growing with you all.


  22. I spent ages reading this whole thing, and it really does make sense why he was removed now. If I was always saying in chat what elm always says I’d probably have been kicked already, so it definitely isn’t fair if he slips by because of his rank.

  23. I’m truly shocked to hear this happen. I wish Elm the best, but at the same time, I’ve lost respect for him. I’m truly grateful to be a part of a great army. When you spot something cancerous, you’ve gotta remove it before it spreads, and I believe the RPF did just that. Thanks for letting us know about the whole situation. FTGF.

  24. the other day when elm demoted Chip, i started to try tell elm he was wrong, but some of the things elm was saying to Chip, i feared elm would do something to me

  25. I never knew how bad he was, but drugs? Elm is never to step into rpf again!

  26. I totally agree and understand the choice that elm had to step down, it is the right choice to make to have equality and face the consequences of their actions


  28. actually elm has been the nicest leader to me apart from pop, i think elm was a good leader even if he was inactive. elm AND me are from 2007 and rpf could really get boring when you are 10 YEARS in it, its good that you have a very old leader because if he isn’t around then most likely no veterans will stay in rpf as its kinda boring after so long. also my friend got banned for stupid reasons and elm unbanned him 3 days later and he actually called (on the phone) me when he saw the dm… only to get banned the first minute he was back in rpf by tom.

  29. if u have read elms ,we arent the only army elm has betrayed

  30. I can’t say much based on my past experience because I only joined in November, but I have seen Elm being unreasonably harsh to others on discord. I didn’t know what was going on at the time but now I understand.

  31. Thenightma3e aka penguin13681
    Thenightma3e aka penguin13681

    Fight the good fight.

  32. Fight the good fight.

  33. ?AndrewSivi12? (Private First Class)

    I thought Elm was a nice person and said happy birthday to me when it was my bday but now I see him greedy and I heard that he demoted Anme how dare you Elm!!!!

  34. Corporal Cameron Ribcage
    Corporal Cameron Ribcage

    What is elm’s discord so I can block him?

    The RPF will live, and progress.

  35. I’ve seen it in the past. I’ve been conflicted, wondering especially with the drug talk if RPF really was the family friendly place I could show my little cousins. Elm’s inactivity and actions made his leadership questionable. That would be to say the least if all of these screenshots are to be believed. I trust your judgement. Be leaders that Pain would be proud of.

  36. This is the lesson for those who are guilty

  37. I honestly saw this coming

  38. I think this was the right decision. As you can see in the images above I have seen his favouritism before and it didn’t sit right with me. I nicknamed him “Elmacbeth” for a good reason (Elmikey now autocorrects to it on my phone).

  39. Good grief. I never thought this would ever happen.

  40. A huge relief. It is clear that Elm was abusing his power and stopping the RPF from becoming the army it could be.
    Fight the good fight!

  41. I felt like my reality was shattered when I heard about Elmikey Being corrupted. I was skeptical of the leaders, but now I understand. I am happy to still FTGF.

  42. Truly shocking. Before I thought Elm was a great guy and responsible. Actually not. Can’t believe he was trying to put everyone including me into a Dictatorship. Also can’t believe I was talking about North Korea and ISIS with him, I was lured to him for breaking rule 2. Totally Elm is a disgrace.

  43. im shook but i never liked him

    i shall compare thee elm to a crappy winters day

  44. Aw man. That guy owed me 5 bucks.

  45. i joined in late november and wasn`t that active
    now im just hearing this
    ok kewl

  46. Ryan (Former Nacho Leader)

    I am fully aware that it is not my place to speak on a matter such as this, especially when I have kept away from armies since the end of Club penguin. However, I do have something of relevance. I remember when Elmikey joined the Fire Warriors in early 2015, I had joined his ownership. We ended up going from there to LT, to DW, and finally RPF within a week span. I may be able to find screenshots of it somewhere – but he went on about how recruits were beneath him one day and how it is everyones job to recruit for him. When I voiced against him, I was immediately banned from the chat. Elmikey is a 21 year old that needs a life, and it is good to see RPF finally take a stand and show him that he doesn’t control you guys. Well done.

  47. Despite never really speaking with Elm at all, he came around after I left ACP I thought I’d chime in… in all honestly I don’t see anything truly condemning in the images (it all looks like jokes to me) but he does have a very large ego, and I get why you’d want him to leave. Hell, we all wanted him to leave years ago. Elm (and Silver) never in my humble opinion rebuilt RPF into an army that was very outwardly friendly, some members of RPF can surely relate to that statement seeing as how you lot couped him, but in our little community of CP armies it never seemed RPF could play nice. It was always clear, and stated in a blatant manner that they felt like they were better than everyone and anyone, and everyone was wrong to say otherwise. I find it ironic you’ve gone from worshiping him as a god to firing him, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  48. So, this was the horrific truth behind his rule?? It’s a good thing you guys overthrew him.

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