Response to ACP

Hello Everyone, today we tried [failed] to log on to one of RPF’s few [many] remaining servers in an attempt [failed attempt] to take it. Thing [Things] were going smoothly [poorly] we were maxing 10 [huge!]and were looking forward to [forward to avoid] a good clean fight, that is until RPF showed up [found us hiding]. As soon as RPF found us a swarm bots [swarm of bots] entered the room and through [threw] the entire battle out of wack. The bots followed us [RPF & ACP] where ever we went and chanted “green ples leav” which leads me to believe [be fooled] that these are RPF’s bots. Guys [ACP] if you [we] didn’t want to fight [fight RPF] just tell us next time [ACP will surrender] instead of cheating your [our] way out. Here are some pics of the bot raid[ACP chat].

ACP hid so RPF found you. You refused to enter our room despite being the invading army.


  1. xD

    ACP, why do you even try?

  2. Oh my………

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