RPF art contest!

Today we are launching another RNM Contest. This weeks contest is another contest based around art. In order to enter this contest, you must be a part of RPF, if you are not, press here to join. Now that you are ready, press read more to continue.

The art contest is a contest based around creating a piece of art that is RPF themed (who could have guessed?), this means that you will have to create a piece of art that is related to RPF in some way.

You must do your artwork on a laptop/computer, any drawings done on paper cannot win but are still eligible for second or third. This is because we cannot put a paper drawing into any future promotional material.

Here are the ways you can enter your submission:

Comments – Once you have created your masterpiece upload it to a site such as Imgur or Lightshot, once you have uploaded your art scroll down to the end of this post and put it in the comment section along with your discord name

Discord – Once you have created your masterpiece go to discord and send the picture to any of the contest team (they have the “contest organiser” role)

Here are the prizes that are up for grabs with this contest:

1st place – 5000 Rebel Cash + Artist Role

2nd place – 2500 Rebel Cash

3rd place – 1000 Rebel Cash

The competition ends on Monday the 11th at 8pm GMT/3pm EST

If you have any questions please dm one of the Contest Team

-Biffer and the Contest Team

Note: By entering this contest you give Rebel Penguin Federation the right to use your material.


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