Hello There RPF

It’s your favorite RPF contest organizer Mishka! Today it is my pleasure to announce the winners of the RPF art contest! For this contest, the rules were pretty simple. All you had to do was create a piece of fanart related to the RPF, the rest was pretty much up to you and your imagination. There were many cool and interesting submissions and the team (consisting of Me, Biffer, Daft, Pika, Queenialex, Weeb and RPF Penguin) has come to a final decision on which piece of art will receive 3rd place along with 1000 rebel cash,  2nd place along with 2500 rebel cash and finally 1st place winning 5000 rebel cash as well as the beautiful purple artist role.

The winner of the RPF art contest is…


In second place winning 2500 Rebel cash is…


Inspired by Attack on Titan

In third place winning 1000 rebel cash is…


Thank you to all the people who took part in this contest and we shall see you again when we return with a new contest!

~Mishka, Brigadier General



Hit em with a yeet!


  1. Congrats on all who were part of this contes and congrats Zea, Orange, and Wxbp!!

  2. I like Zea’s the most

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