RPF Battles Green Hoodies on Beanie! [Results]

Unfortunately, the Tubas did not come for battle as we’ve expected for them to. At first, we were in Abominable but moved to Beanie to face a new challenge, the Green Hoodies. They didn’t seem like a challenge, though. We first fought them in Snow Forts, then followed them to fight at Boiler Room. We soon pursued their leader (Pizza Lover) like a hunt & kill match. We followed him/her to Coffee Shop, then to Book Room, and then all the way to Plaza. And finally, he/she surrendered. Fight the good fight.

Comment if you’ve attended for a possible promotion. Good work, team! We’ve hit pretty good sizes of 25+.

Some people left the Hoodies’ side to join ours! XD



idk stop asking


  1. You just get wrecked Greenies. Oh by the way I attend


  3. We rekt them! Although I’m confused. I saw a few chanting “TEAM CONGO” or something. So what is it? We know for sure they are somewhat organized since they have a Discord.

  4. I was there, excellent fight by the way. <3

  5. I came to the battle my username is FizzyPop/Mialolipop1

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