RPF Catphrase Contest – RESULTS

Greetings Rebels,

Last week the RNM contest team announced a catchphrase contest. This contest involved creating a catchphrase for RPF to use at events (current catchphrases include fight the good fight, beak past the limit etc). Click read more to see who won!

Okaly dokaly in the first place, winning 5000 Rebel Cash™ and the chance to be the first person to lead their tactic is…

Peaches – We will prevail*


In a close second, winning 2500 Rebel Cash™ is…

Three Trademark Symbols – Rise above the rest

aka TheNightma3e

And last but not least, in third place taking the prize of 1000 Rebel Cash™ is…

Cheeseater – Forever we stand

Thank you to all who took part and I wills see you at the next contest!
– Biffer 2ic


*This catchphrase was shortened to improve the speed in which it can be typed


  1. Good job on Night, Cheese, and Peach..

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