[RPF News Central] Bot raider found!

Hello RPF!

In the aftermath of a crazy battle with WV and their bots, I managed to find the culprit of the bot raider. And it is none other than Yaaq! It is clear that he bot raided so that WV can win, but nevertheless, RPF managed to find several loopholes to successfully fight off the bots and claim victory.

Proof: He was the middle penguin of the bots, and when he waddled, all the other bot penguins waddled together with him.

I also accussed him of bot raiding when the event was over, and he did not even say anything, which proved further that he was not denying that he had bot raided. Nice try, Yaaq, but bot raiding will not stop the RPF from winning battles.

-Zottffss, RPF News Central Reporter.

One Comment:

  1. Great! Glad the bot raider was caught!

    Fight the good fight,


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