RPF Olympics 2018 Scoring System

Hello all,

The RPF Olympics are about to commence, so this post will explain how scoring will work for this year’s competitions.

There will be two main scoring methods:

  1. The first will be an overall team scoring points system.
  2. The second will work as a round robin tournament style system.


Sled Racing: For this event, 1 team member from each team will race head to head at once (4 total). Whichever player wins the race will earn 3 points for his or her team. Second place will earn 2 points, and third place will earn 1 point. We will repeat this race until everyone has gone one time. Ultimately, the team with the most points will win the sled racing event gold medal. The team with the second and third most points will get silver or bronze accordingly.

Card Jitsu: For this event, teams will face off in a big bracket. The winners of round one will go through to face the other winners in round two. The loser is out as soon as they lose one match. This will continue until there is a winner, a runner-up, and a third place. The teams of the members that place first, second, and third will receive the corresponding medals.

Find Four: This will follow a similar bracket structure as Card Jitsu.

Dance Contest: The top 3 highest scores will receive medals for their team. Gold, silver, and bronze.



How we calculate the winning team overall is based on a point system. Medals get teams a certain number of points.

Gold medal – 40 points

Silver medal – 20 points

Bronze medal – 10 points

Bonus points

  1. Victory Streak Bonus: If your team is the overall winner (gold medalist) of 3 events in a row, you will receive 15 extra points.
  2. Underdog Bonus: If your team got last place on the last event but first on the current one, you will receive 5 extra points.

That’s how our scoring will work this time around! Good look to all teams and fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader




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