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Hello all,

THE DRAGON AGE has now commenced, and with this exciting new chapter for RPF, I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the time we spent on CPPSes after the closure of Club Penguin…

[For a short summary of the era along with a list of notable troops, click here for the RPF History page]

The Golden Dawn

On March 31, 2017, we held our first post-CP event on CPPS.ME. Little did we know, this was the beginning of RPF’s longest and most successful era. It didn’t exactly start that way, as we failed to max 20 at this event. However, we were happy to be pioneering a new age, and were ready for whatever this new challenge threw our way!

RPF Navy vs. Air Force snowball fight on CPPS.ME! How many names do you recognize?

We moved to Club Penguin Rewritten in the days that followed. The rise of RPF’s fourth golden age began, and soon we realized that RPF was becoming something very special. We maxed 80+ multiple times by the end of May, and the rebellion was in full swing!

RPF event in April, 2017 (Club Penguin Rewritten)

The Boundless Sunshine

As summer began, RPF’s consistency did not deteriorate. Through the hard work of leaders and troops, RPF blossomed into something truly special during this period. Thousands joined RPF, and we saw our largest and most consistent numbers ever (well over 100+).

RPF maxing 100+ at Operation: Jet Pack in August, 2017 (Club Penguin Rewritten)

RPF carried this momentum into the Fall and Winter. There were highs and lows, but RPF stayed remarkably consistent for many months, going on to max over 100 several more times.

RPF Tuba Hunt in December, 2017 (Club Penguin Rewritten)

The Everlasting Dusk

RPF continued to persevere through complications in the Winter and Spring. Despite not having a website, thus being unable to recruit for a month, RPF returned to CPR after the RPF Winter Olympics maxing 90.

RPF maxing 90 at Operation: Comeback in January 2018 (Club Penguin Rewritten)

Club Penguin Rewritten shut down in March, 2018. RPF was forced to find an entirely new recruiting platform. We moved to Club Penguin Universe, and despite there being a small user base, RPF rose to the occasion and maxed 100+ on this CPPS too.

RPF maxing 100+ at The March on Blizzard in March, 2018 (Club Penguin Universe)

The RPF Rewritten era will never be forgotten. Legends fell, legends rose, and RPF dominated no matter the circumstances. I’m very proud of everything that we’ve accomplished in the past year+!


The Rise of Dragons

All good things must come to an end eventually. RPF is very much alive, but it was time to declare a new era because we are so far-removed from our CPR ties now. Great things lie on the horizon for RPF in the months ahead. The Dragon Age is here, and that means it’s time to get to work. It is up to us to make this era even more successful than the last. We are FAR FROM OVER. See you on the battlefield, rebels.

Fight the good fight!

Popsicle, RPF Leader





  1. i loved the operations during the time when Herbert was attemping to destroy the island lol

  2. I gotta say, but dont hate me, my favorite part of our journey was either when CP or CPR shut down, it brought us all together and we all fought for what we wanted. Although CP didnt comeback, CPR did, and I think the main reason it did was because we helped so much and we fought for what we wanted!

  3. Favourite moment was probably Operation: Jet pack. Maxing 100+ and the hype and energy at that event was insane 😛

  4. Was a crazy golden age, and was made by so many great people. Truly won’t ever be forgotten.
    I don’t know what my favourite moment was of the gen. It was probably seeing us prove everyone wrong so many times. We out-survived all of our haters.

  5. My favorite RPF Rewritten era moment was joining this lovely community to begin with back in November. Fight the Good Fight ❤️

  6. My favourite time would probably be when i first joined RPF, to se everyone being so pumped and hyped and an amazing comunity. It would also be when CPR shut down because we kept going on!

  7. My favorite event was Operation: Comeback. Insane numbers. Great event.

  8. My favourite event was Operation: Snowplow (EU) (10/11 December 2017) because even though some of us got kicked out by what appears to be abusive (and anti-RPF) CPR staff, we still managed to stay still and continue the event.

  9. My favourite moment was during a yuge eu in CPR where we Macedonia out 90+, I can still almost feel the energy level, both the chat and CPR was so hyped and full of energy. ♥️

  10. When you finally find it
    You’ll see how it’s faded
    The underside is lighter
    When you turn it around

  11. Good old days…
    (Congratulations Simon you were in one of those pics!)

  12. I just absolutely loved the battles against the tubas that went on for almost an eternity, those were very entertaining indeed. Even the various events that we maxed over 80+ and 100+ were spectacular, same goes for those huge AUSIA events in which we acquired 50+ and 60+! Here’s to the Dragon age. May we prosper.

    Fight The Good Fight.

  13. Ugandan Knuckles

    My favourite moment was when we couped Elm and banned all these RPF that made the army great, I wouldn’t celebrate this era, I’d hang your heads in shame.

    • If they made the army great, how come after they’re gone it’s surviving, growing and improving?

    • Dude, please don’t try to mention topics like that to the RPF. They took everything from me and they’ll do it to you easily. . . .so please don’t. Even as a anti-RPF, I say that you stick to your plans now. The RPF don’t give a single f*ck if you’d hang their heads in shame. As long as you don’t like them, they won’t care about you or the people you care about. They’ll just brag about how they beat us, though I’m still here. If you have trouble moving on from Elmikey’s coup, then talk to him yourself. Maybe that’ll help. . .

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