RPF Role Contest

We are happy to announce that today we launch another RNM Contest!!! 

This contest is a Role Contest and the objective is to create a new role to be added to the shop! Your submission must include: the role’s name, color, price in rebel cash, and a special perk it has (such as access to a channel or pays Rebel Cash). The current roles can be viewed by entering .shop in #music-botspam. We will be judging submissions on originality and creativity.  Once you have your special custom role all planned out, DM (Direct Message) either Me (Quisqueya), Biffer, Plane, Pika (Starvsblack2), WeabooWaddle, Daft Basilisk, or QueenieAlex. 

Note: To enter this contest you must be in RPF, click here to join!


1st place receives 5,000 Rebel Cash and role added to the shop
2nd place receives 2,500 Rebel cash
3rd place receives 1,000 Rebel Cash

Other Details:

You only have 1 submission, so make it count! The contest ends Sunday, March 18, at 8 pm EST, 1 am GMT.

If you have any other questions, DM (Direct Message) us or do @Contest Organizer in #help-desk and we will try our best to help you.




  1. Role:puffle
    Rebel cash: 15 000
    Gives u a puffle emoji special for the ones whit the role

  2. Role : Plant
    Rebel Cash : 30,000
    The first day you get 1 rebel cash
    Then you get 2, then 3 and it goes on till you get 500
    Then you keep getting 500 per day
    (You can change the numbers if you think they’re too little or too much)

  3. Role: Shamrock/Leprechaun (I don’t mind)
    Rebel Cash: 10,000
    Colour: Green/Light green
    A special role for the seasonal event of St Patrick’s day coming up soon 👀
    Thanks for reading (Speaks for itself really)

  4. Role:Secret Agent
    Rebel Cash:11,000
    For a special Secret Agent Mission coming up!
    When and Whatever!

  5. Role: Elite
    Rebel Cash: 15,000
    Colour: Black/Dark Blue
    A Role that can make control other people with lower rank than you.
    PS: You can change what this role does if you don´t think this isnt fair

  6. NOOT

    500 RC

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