RPF Stamp Contest [Results]

Hello RPF,

Today I am proud to announce the winners of the RPF Stamp Contest. In total we had lots of submissions for the contest and there were a lot of stamps in the RPF, but unfortunately only 3 could earn medals. The contest team for RNM has analysed all the submissions and decided who came first, second and third. Continue reading to find out the winners!

In first place winning 5000 flowers is…


In second place winning 2500 flowers is…

Mew! (thomas dorland)

Last but not least, in joint third place, winning 1000 flowers each is…


Congratulations to those who won and good luck in the next contest!

Fight the Good Fight

-Tom, RPF Second in Command


  1. Um ok then I thought I had a chance with like 100 but oklkkkkay lol

  2. Who’s Anme?

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