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Hey, RPF!

So we put out a survey for all of RPF to answer. The survey was based on various different types of questions on how to improve the RPF as a whole.

Unfortunately, the survey is no longer open for people to fill out, however, we will be releasing one every few months.

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Although I cannot reveal all the results, I can reveal a few.

One of the questions we had asked was if the troops believe that getting promoted is too hard, too easy, or just right.

A big majority said that the promotion difficulty is just right.

The RPF high-command is happy with this result. We felt like that promotion difficulty was just right, as well.

Regarding the staff feedback, we received very positive results. According to the results, the RPF moderators, owners, and leaders are doing a great job. A few votes did say that the staff could be a bit better, which is something we will be working on.

The topic of RPF having too many events has been brought up a few times, so we put it to the test.

As you can see, the majority believe the amount is just right, but a rather high percentage of voters also believe that we have too many.

The majority of the RPF high-command believes we have a good amount of events, however, we will be adding just enough game nights and break days to ease things up, and to make the 28% happy.

We also received a lot of text feedback on how to improve the RPF. We will be reading all of these suggestions and implementing those we believe is needed.

Thank you for voting

Fight the Good Fight



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  1. So sad, everything i expected went opposite

  2. kinda disappointed, hope the text feedback changes this a little

  3. Dw people who feel like you havent been heard! The only way to bring about change is to stick by what you believe in and keep making your voice heard! Good Luck to all RPF and KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

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