RPF Tuesday Battle! [RESULTS]

Great work, RPF! We had 25+ users logged in on Club Penguin Rewritten, but that’s quite alright because CPR was having issues at the start. We played a game of trivia when CPR issues were going on, and also had U-Lead tactics near the end of the event. We also discovered a new tactic, called the “fireworks”, which was developed by CyborgSFM. Basically, you’d have the formation of a circle at the start, and all RPF would try to go into the center of the room at the same time, and then move back out, and do the same thing repeatedly with an emote or word tactic. That’s a very cool tactic!

Comment on the event results and you might get a promotion!

Fight the good fight.



idk stop asking


  1. Attended! So awesome I got to lead once!

  2. Love the new firework tactic! Huzzah!

  3. I came


  4. I attended! RPF fight the good fight!


  6. Attended the AUSI- oh wait. FTGF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. eyy i was late but it was fun, sorry went afk for a bit but it was fun!

  8. I attended. Great job everyone!

  9. I attended, Good work RPF.

  10. Attended! Firework was funny

  11. Fun! Werent to many people, and it sucks that the servers always go down after an event, but otherwise it was fun!

  12. I was there.

  13. Fight the good fight! I remember that “firework” tactic being used before though, I think by the Nachos.

  14. I attended. Great job, RPF. FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT!

  15. I attended!! I really like the new tactics we tried the U-lead and the Firework. They were awesome and i hope they will be used in upcoming battles.

  16. I didn’t come, but the Firework seems interesting. Perhaps have a training session where we practice the following:
    -Iron Curtain
    Last 2 cuz Jason has fallen in love with them (I ship JAKE more)

  17. Did not attend due to intense final studying :/, Glad to see RPF developed a new tactic tho. Goes to show how even without numbers, RPF can grow stronger in different ways.

  18. i did come but cpr was hving alot of issues and my game was crashing alot. that was a great new tactic and luved it. ftgf

  19. I was there 😀 Yay!

  20. Great new tactic RPF Fight the good fight

  21. Glad I was able to turn up, sorry I had to leave half way through

  22. i was there

  23. I ATTENDED luigi965

  24. I attended

  25. I attended FTGF

  26. ThundraPeng2RPF

    I Attended

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