RPF Wednesday Battle! [RESULTS]

Nice work, team! We had 29+ users logged in on Club Penguin Rewritten on Avalanche, and there were some CPR issues near the start. We easily defeated the Tubas in battle and one of them even surrendered because they were no match for us. Tactics ad formations were executed very well. Good job!

Comment on the post for possible promotions!

One Tuba surrenders:

Event pics:

Fight the good fight!



idk stop asking


  1. it was great! thx for hosting it! fight the good fight!

  2. I attended.

  3. I attended the battle! Fight the good fight!

  4. I attended the battle

  5. Everyone did awesome! i attended.

  6. Fun fight! Fight the Good fight! attended. I’m back on the road to 2ic 😀

  7. it was great! thx for hosting it!

  8. rpf forever! 😉 nice work!

  9. I was there until CPR crashed and wouldnt let me get back on. It was fun until that happened…

  10. I came there


  12. I attended. I’m glad that I was able to attend even though I was excused, since I didn’t know when I was going to be back from something.

  13. I attended. FTGF. I NEED THAT PROMO

  14. i attended.

  15. i attended the event. had pretty good tactics. ftgf and good job rpf

  16. ATTENDED! tubas once again tried to put up a fight, but RPF was lead to victory by Elm and our great 2ics! FTGF-ALWAYS

  17. Nice event. Keep on fighting the good fight! RPF strong.

  18. I was there!

  19. i was there

  20. Glad I could attend, sorry I was late the connection issues had me stuck for a while

  21. I attended

  22. Thanks for using my screen shots well some of them

  23. ThundraPeng2RPF

    I couldn’t attend because I had to be in Gettysburg for a trip. Hopefully you understand.

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