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Hello RPF, its me Mishka, today I am happy to announce that we have yet another RPF contest for you! This time the contest is all about creating a new youtube banner for the RPF youtube channel. If you do not know what a youtube banner is, its a small wide picture found at the top of a youtube channel when visiting it. You can check it out by clicking here. We want you to go crazy with ideas, let your imagination go wild and get as creative as possible to make the absolute BEST designs you can think of. Make it funny, make it interesting, make it creative, make it unique and make it original!

Keep in mind the youtube banner should fit the format shown below!

To win your design must be made using a laptop/tablet (electronic device pretty much), this is due to the quality of the banner but also due to reasons such as future promotional material.  ( You can still come second or third if you made your design by hand)

Image result for youtube banner format

There are 2 ways you can send us your submissions:

Comments – You can send us a screenshot of your work and upload it using a site such as imgur or lightshot and commenting down below with your discord name and artwork.


Discord – You can send any of the members of the contest team a screenshot via discord to enter the contest. The contest organisers are me (Mishka) Weeb, Pika, Tazy, RPF Penguin and Alexan. 

The prizes for the top 3 banners are as follows: 

1st Place – 5000 Rebel cash + your design being used on the RPF youtube channel!

2nd Place – 2500 Rebel cash

3rd place – 1000 rebel cash

Get to work RPF I look forward to seeing all your awesome designs!

The competition ends the 15th of July 8pm GMT/3pm EST

If you have any questions contact any member of the contest team.

~Mishka and his squad of cool kids!


Hit em with a yeet!

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