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This one is a bit serious. Refrain if you’re not into that.

Your investigator here with a new report!

Conspiracies about animatronic animals used for spying is known, mainly directed at countries like Isreal for targetting Egypt with a series of shark attacks. Many questions are out there asking if this is the case, or if it’s simply a natural occurrence. I decided to use Popsicle’s sources as a base for information, along with doing a bit more research on my own.

In August 2015, supposed “suspicious” movements off the Gaza coast were spotted by Hamas operatives, claiming to be “spy dolphins” carrying a device that could fire arrows at humans. It was also reported they carried video cameras and other espionage equipment. Although Isreal had a fleet of “Dolphin-class” submarines, it was made clear Hamas was referring to the mammal.

This hasn’t been the only incident, however.

Previously, Isreal was accused of using birds and sharks to spy on its enemies. An instance of that would be in 2012 when an eagle captured in Sudan was accused of being a Mossad (the national intelligence agency of Isreal) spy because it carried an Isreali tag.

Two years earlier in 2010, Isreali dismissed Egyptian claims that a series of shark attacks could have been due to a plot carried out by Mossad. The foreign ministry spokesman Igal Palmor told the BBC, “The man must have seen Jaws one time too many, and confuses fact and fiction.”

South Sinai’s governor claimed the sharks were Isreali spy sharks trained by Mossad to affect Egypt’s largest moneymaker, tourism.

Moving forward to 2015 and 2016 brings us the peak of aquatic spying, when sharks, according to the article “Spy sharks in Egypt: A history”, are “no longer the only sea creature in the military intelligence game.”

Sources reported that the dolphins “deployed” in 2015 were not flesh and blood, but robotic dolphins.


Espionage and gathering intelligence methods and techniques may violate certain treaties concerning Human Rights, including privacy and principles set by international law. Direct violation of that would, of course, not be legitimized or endorsed.

This was not me picking sides or making a conspiracy theory, but rather discussing this and the existent cause possibilities.

Fight the good fight!

-Junie, RPF Second in Command



idk stop asking


  1. Well i think this is a bit far-fetched. Even though, it sounds very interesting.

  2. y wouldnt u include perry the platypus

  3. Don’t forget the Penguins of Madagascar too

  4. did they try to spy on me?!

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